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Cameron (Osel Nyingpo)
Dec 10, 2021
In Ask Khandro-la
Dear Khandro la, I am hoping you have any advice about making tsa tsas? I have the practice from Lama Zopa's work and a brass mold but have found difficulty in doing it. So, I am having trouble getting the actual clay out. When I stamped the image it just sticks to the mold and the the image is ruined and I have to start over. I am using air dry clay and was using Windex as a release solution but it doesn't work so I am curious how old Tibetans do this and how you were able to do the one of Vajrayogini as it appeared they were clay stamped too. I am unsure if I need to prepare it differently or may be need it to be cold or something? Thank you for any help. Cameron, Osel Nyingpo

Cameron (Osel Nyingpo)

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