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Marcin Borkowski
Jun 26, 2022
In Ask Khandro-la
Dear Khandro la! Thank you very much for the transmission to these deep Vajrayogini practices (Eight-Line Praise to Vajrayogini, Yoga of Eating etc). I love these concise and meaningful practices! Sometimes in meetings like this I try so hard to be present and attentive that ... I lose both presence and mindfulness. For example, in today's meeting, I couldn't download the file, then someone walked into the room where I was listening to the teachings, and then I started to think why so many things were not going my way, etc. It made me irritated and at the same time I didn't want to lose my mindfulness, because I've been waiting so long for this transmission. During the oral transmission (lung) I was relaxed and receptive, but later, despite my best efforts, it happened differently. In such situations, can I be sure that I have received the transmission? Or maybe, I thought, it is the Dakinis who are riotously playing with me to show that I should be more relaxed? I will be very grateful for your answer, Khandro la.

Marcin Borkowski

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