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We each have our own individual reasons for feeling drawn to the teachings of Buddhism and each have our own unique path of exploration. But, like the many small creeks and streams that eventually converge into larger rivers and finally, the great ocean, once we embark upon this exploration, we discover that we are not alone. There are fellow travelers and perhaps guides, along with the richness of a tradition, a lineage, and the realization of those who preceded us.


This is what we refer to as "blessings": the realization of the former masters didn't disappear when they died, but continues to live on—of course in the form of their recorded teachings, but also in the very air that we breathe, the trees and sky and the water. It lives, in fact, deep in our own hearts, but the way we discover that is by studying what those masters studied, practicing what they practiced, and realizing what they realized. It is a path that unfolds through devotion and through courage but also through tenderness.

We invite you to join us upon this path and to start by exploring the lineage stream that we are a part of and its rich repository of blessings. Read about the two streams of Chö and Vajrayana practice that we carry and about our founding teacher, Khalkha Jetsun Dampa, and our spiritual director Chöying Khandro. Then, dive into our rich library of online teachings on the fundamentals of Vajrayana Buddhism and of Chö and explore the publications available from Dakini's Whisper Media.

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