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Five-Dakini Retreat Manual


A student-lead study group to deepen your practice

Every Other Saturday, 12 noon, PDT

Oct 12, Oct 26, Nov. 9 & Dec 14, 2019

Free and Open to Those Who Have Received the Transmission

In this student-lead study group, we focus on deepening our understanding of the two Five Dakinis’ Retreat Manuals Sadhanas. We do so by going through the text line by line, scrutinizing our understanding while sharing experiences and thoughts on the practices. Whatever we can’t figure out in the group we forward to our dear teacher for understanding. 


The goal is to build solid confidence in our practice and an exhaustive understanding of the meaning of our main practice of the first year in the Chö Mastery Program. If suitable, we will continue using this study group model through the Program. 


We meet once or twice a month, on Saturdays, for one hour at noon Pacific Standard Time. 


If you want to join us, please email


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