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Dakini's Whisper



A compilation of the five practice texts according to the Ear-Whispered Lineage of Dakini
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***This material requires empowerment, transmission and commentary for practice. Those who are planning to receive these during DW summer retreat, 2023 can purchase this text in advance.

This compilation includes the five texts that are used as the basis for the regular practice of guru yoga and Tröma Nakmo according to the Machik Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage. Each text in this volume contains English translations, phonetics, some added word-for-word translations and some added notes based on the oral instructions. All the texts were based on the most current edition of the original Tibetan texts, compiled and published by the late Ninth Khalkha Jetsün Dampa Chökyi Gyeltsen (1934-2012), 2001.

PART I: Chö Foundations: Mandala Offering and A Thousand Angels of the Bliss Heaven - The protocol which is done prior to the main practices by the Dakini and Ganden Chö practitioners.

PART II: Shiwa Lamsab: The Profound Path of Peace – The guru yoga of the Machik Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage.

PART III: Kakyabma: Chö Pervading Space - Abbreviated version of Shiwa Lamsab.

PART IV: Concise Tröma Nakmo Self-Generation – Abbreviated Tröma Nakmo practice. (To practice, you need Troma Nakmo empowerment according to the Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage.)

PART V: Jinlab Choktsölma: An Aspiration Prayer for the Three Sublimes’ Compassion The blessed aspiration prayer that is recited at the end of all the Chö practices.

All were translated into English from the original Tibetan by Chöying Khandro in 2009, revised 2015 and 2023.

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