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Dakini's Whisper


Supplementary Practices (PDF)

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“Supplementary Practices: A Compilation of the Practices to be Done Along with the Main Practice.”

The chant book also includes additional devotional verses and other materials that will be of great interest and benefit to practitioners in the Ear-Whispered lineage. These include the Four Sets of Vows, the Guru Yoga of Machik Labdron, Machik’s Last Instructions, Calling Precious Machik from Afar, In Praise of Machik’s Perfection of the Six Paramitas, Aryadeva’s Grand Poem of Severance, the Eight Verses of Mind Training, King of Prayers, and an English translation of the Heart Sutra.

The chant book is arranged in the traditional Tibetan style and spiral bound. Note that several of these texts, including Pe Dunma and Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis require transmission in order to practice.

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