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MASTER COURSE 3 - Chö Practice Basics I

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Chö Whispered From the Mount of Bliss

A 10-Week Series on led by Chöying Khandro

The Ten-Week Chö Series offers an in-depth commentary on “Dedicating One’s Illusory Body as a Feast Offering,” the main chanting text of the Chö Whispered from the Mount of Bliss, the Ensa Ear-Whispered Lineage of Chö. Each week covers a specific section of practice in the text. Each session includes a one-to-one practice of chanting and drumming with Khandro-la. The entire course highlights the key points and teachings of Chö rituals.

For those who are new to Chö, this series will provide a basic understanding of the principal aspects of Chö practice which entails meditation, visualization, and ritual. For those who already practice Chö in other traditions, this will help deepen your understanding of Chö and enhance your Chö practice and spiritual practice in general. 

To enter this course, please go to eLearming.


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