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Subtle Body Training MASTER COURSE 1 - Basics

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

An enjoyable, engaging and interactive online program

in accessing your subtle body energies.

Special Offer during the promotion period - July 3 - July 30

Here you can learn the basics of Subtle Body Training and practice the primary exercises with Khandro-la. Dakini Subtle Body Training (DSBT) is a transformative spiritual journey that weaves together subtle body-oriented practice techniques and advanced Vajrayana tantric theory with meditation and pranayama practices. It is designed to assist spiritual practitioners and others living in modernity to integrate spiritual psychology with the skillful practice of balancing the body, heart, mind, and awareness.

  • Integrative Approach - "If the body is not mastered, the mind cannot be mastered." - The Buddha

  • Embodied Tantric Practice - "I have not entered another temple as blissful as my body." - Saraha, 10th Century

  • Spiritual Journey in the Body - "Unless energy flows freely through the body, the pure light of consciousness will remain obscured. So take these physical practices to heart."

To enter this course, please go to eLearning.

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