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Timothy Hawley
Dec 08, 2019
In Meeting the Dakini!
I wanted to share a comical, true confession. I am happily spending significant time working on transcriptions of Khandro-la's teachings. One morning this week I was reciting the Six Session Guru Yoga and realized that instead of saying, “And vow to protect all the vows I have taken nor transgress even one for the sake of my life”, I said, “And vow to protect all the vows I have taken nor transcribe even one for the sake of my life.” 😊 Another time during the Five Dakini Retreat recitations I caught myself saying “bikini” instead of dakini. That really caused me to chuckle. Ryan said it best when I shared with him and he said, "sounds like the dakinis are up to their usual mischief." I must say both of these funny, brief instances "woke me up" to a glimmer of the mahamudra of perfection and seriousness. I wonder if others have funny and somewhat embarrassing meditation moments? Please share! Ellen
Timothy Hawley
Dec 06, 2019
In Subtle Body & Therapeutic
I am new at this practice and it is always a struggle to drop into the subtle energies and out of my thinking mind. I am discovering that visualizing wisdom dakinis dancing inside of me shifts my attention and awareness. How do you work with these energies with your thinking mind waiting for the next opportunity to label your experience?

Timothy Hawley

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