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Three-Week Series


A Return to Our Source and Harmony



Three Saturdays, Beginning March 21

12:00 noon - 1:30 pm, PDT


Noble Liberator Tara, together with your retinues,

Please remember your past promises with your pure love,

And dispel all my fears and all fears of sentient beings.(2x)


Pacify sickness, harmful spirits, and adverse conditions,

Make harmonious conditions perfectly abundant,

And bestow upon us common and supreme siddhis. (2x)


Om Ta Re Tu Ta Re Tu Re So Ha (recite several times)


My body is the Noble Tara’s appearance-emptiness form,

All sounds are sound and emptiness, the natural sound of mantra,

Mind is clarity-emptiness, Tara’s enlightened mind,

Mind is clarity-emptiness, Arya Tara’s mind.


With this song and dance samadhi’s energy blazing bright

I’ll benefit sentient beings of all different kinds,

I’ll bring happiness and joy to all sentient beings,

I’ll bring happiness and joy to all sentient beings!


Om Ta Re Tu Ta Re Tu Re So Ha (recite several times)

Facing the world of seeming turmoil, anxiety, and conflict,

more than ever we are called to return to our source and harmony.

Nourish all the systems of your body;

bring health and harmony to life;

and liberate yourself from unnecessary fear. ​

In this three-week series, our Practices are tailored to Green Tara, the Liberator, restorative chakra energy centers, and deep Subtle Body Yoga restorative postures.

The session also includes pranayama, chanting, and meditation that can be brought to your own home practice and daily lives.

Please prepare 2 blankets, 2 pillows/cushions, 1 chair, 2 yoga blocks, and 1 yoga mat if you have as well as space/floor to lie down.

Suggested Donations:

Sliding Scale: $50 - $70 for series
This series is offered by Dakini's Whisper with all proceeds going to our scholarship and outreach programs. Your contribution supports the well-being of others. We are grateful for your support. 

Dates & Time:

Three Saturdays, March 21, 28, April 4

12:00 noon - 1:30 pm, PDT

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm, EST

7 pm - 8:30 pm, GMT

8 pm - 9:30 pm, CET

10 pm - 11:30 pm, MSTK

5 am - 6:30 pm AEST (next day)


Please register in advance by completing the form below and submitting the suggested donations. If there is supplementary material for a class, you will receive these as well as a Zoom Meeting invitation at least one hour before the session begins. 

Not yet a member but would like to be?  Please click here to complete that process prior to registration.


NOTE: For those who need financial assistance, please apply by emailing to

Here is the text of "Tara of Wilderness" Practice to download if you lie.

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