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NEW YEAR’s Online 5-Week

Subtle Body Training

Dakini Series IX


Dakini’s Magic Wheel

with the Five Animals

In the Modern World


An Exploration of the Wild, Wise Feminine

Open to All Genders

5 Saturdays, Jan.7-Feb.11 2023

2 - 3:30 pm, PST


“Since the Trulhor comes from what I am, 

It feels extremely good!”

- Jetsun Milarepa (11th-12th century)



JOIN Khandro-la and fellow pilgrims for this New Year’s Subtle Body Training - DAKINI SERIES IX, Dakini’s Magic Wheel With the Five Animals In the Modern World - An Exploration of the Wild, Wise Feminine! Discover the depth of Dakini Wisdom that often is hidden in the human psyche and beyond but can manifest as Dakini Animal Embodiment - Dakinis with animal faces, riding on animals, or accompanied by animals. For example, in Japan Dakini is worshiped in the form of a fox or Dakini riding a fox. We will explore how each animal expresses the specific energy of Dakini and how we find that within the wilderness of our inner landscape. We, then, will unveil that awakened energy to express it in our lives.


Each week, we will delve into a particular Magic Wheel of Dakini associated with a specific animal while resting in the essence of Dakini, an ineffable expanse of totality. When we embody the spirit of each animal in an awakened Dakini way, it can greatly affect our emotions, and thus our inner health and spiritual landscape. In addition, it can change the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. 


This is a follow-up series to the Trulkor Magic Wheel Intensive that was held in December 2022, though you do not need to have attended the intensive in order to join this Series. Whether you are just embarking on the path of Buddhist Tantric practice and yoga, or have been studying and teaching for years, we invite you to join us for this unique and potent exploration of Dakinis. Come and join us to see how this magic will unfold in you! This series could lead you to a unique and evolutionary home practice experience resulting in genuine transformation.


Subtle Body Training is an integrated, transformative spiritual journey based on advanced Tantric theory that weaves together tantric techniques of subtle body-oriented practices, chanting, meditation, and breathing practices as well as the contemporary discipline of the biomechanics of yoga.


Free of charge for Sponsor Members (2 series per year) (donations are welcome and appreciated)

$75 for other DW Members and

$95 for Non-Members

$20 for Drop-In

Please register in advance by completing the form HERE along with submitting the corresponding payment by January 5, 2023. Registrants will receive a Zoom Meeting link and any supplementary material needed.

​Not yet a member but would like to be?  Please click here to complete that process prior to registration.


  • There will be no class on Jan. 14.

  • This class is open to all levels of physical ability. However, please notify us if there is any specific physical condition of which we may need to be aware such as high blood pressure. 

  • Avoid eating heavy food one hour before the class.  

  • We will adapt both standing and seated postures and movements so please arrange the computer accordingly in advance. 

  • Also, please wear a light cloth that allows you to touch your skin directly

  • Keep your video on during the sessions.

  • Prepare some blankets and a pillow to lay down on the floor for restorative posture in the end.

  • Recordings of the session will not be available so please do your best to attend all three sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen at

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