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DW Online Intensive



transmission & practice


Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022

1 - 5:30 pm, PST

Registration is Required by Dec.10.


“Since the Trulhor comes from what I am, 

it feels extremely good.”

- Jetsun Milarepa (11th-12th century)


Untie the knots of self-grasping and self-cherishing through this DW end-of-the-year Intensive Trul-kor!


On an auspicious day in the last month of 2022, Khandro-la will offer the transmission and practice of TRUL KOR, MAGIC WHEEL, that has been transmitted by the masters of the Ear-Whispered Lineage of Mount Bliss. The movement and posture, known as TSA LUNG TRUL KOR, “magical movements of channels and energy wind currents,” works directly with the subtle body and has been passed on discreetly and directly from master to disciple. There are many lineages and traditions of this rather demanding high-level practice of yogis and yoginis. Receiving this rare transmission and learning the sequence of exercises will provide you with great holistic benefits in your daily life and tantric practice.

Movements of subtle body training will also be adapted as variations of TRUL KOR and, taught with Guru Yoga to enhance our experience. MAGIC WHEEL will bring together breath work, visualization, mantra chanting, meditation, and human heart qualities to come to a deeper understanding of the nature of body and mind. We will also learn the theoretical aspect or the view of this profound practice. These precious teachings will give us a precise map of the body's inner landscape as we move into inner yoga while maintaining relaxation during movement.

As Milarepa describes, as natural expressions of our experience of who and what we are, these magical movement exercises will eventually lead us to our natural state of bliss, luminosity, and non-conceptuality.


NOTE: This sequence of TRUL-KOR exercises is a perfect complementary to the Three-Month Householders' Retreat in Dakini's Whisper community.


Open to All Physical abilities but Tantric Vows (including Refuge & Bodhicitta) are required.


The offering consists of three sessions. You are encouraged to attend all the sessions to receive transmissions and oral instructions in order to bring this practice into your daily life in an authentic way.

Session One - 1 - 2:30 pm

Session Two - 3 - 4:30 pm

Session Three - 4:45 - 5:30 pm


Free of charge for Sponsor Members (donations are welcome and appreciated)

$75 for other DW Members and

$95 for Non-Members

Please register in advance by completing the form here along with submitting the corresponding payment by December 10. Registrants will receive a Zoom Meeting link and any supplementary material needed.

​Not yet a member but would like to be?  Please click here to complete that process prior to registration.


  • This class is open to all levels of physical ability. However, please notify us if there is any specific physical condition of which we may need to be aware such as high blood pressure. 

  • Avoid eating heavy food one hour before the class.  

  • We will adapt both standing and seated postures and movements so please arrange the computer accordingly in advance. 

  • Also, please wear a light cloth that allows you to touch your skin directly

  • Keep your video on during the sessions.

  • Prepare some blankets and a pillow to lay down on the floor for restorative posture in the end.

  • Recordings of the session will not be available so please do your best to attend all three sessions.

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen at

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