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Befriend DHARMA PROTECTORS & PROTECTRESSES Transmission, Commentary & Practice

Updated: Jun 19, 2023



Terrifying Protectress Who Liberates

From Diseases, Demons, Foes, Wars, and Obstructions

Monday, June 19, 4:30-5:30 pm, PDT


Registration Required


Your mind knows everything

in essence and in detail;

You never leave the sphere of emptiness,

but out of compassion.

You tame enemies and obstacles,

every method at your command.

I praise you, conquering female

with a glorious body, speech and mind.

Do you find it difficult to sustain your tantric practice? Are there multiple impediments that prevent you from maintaining pure practice? Dharma Protectors and Protectoresses play an important role in removing obstacles in our tantric practice and helping us to sustain it. As tantric practitioners it is our responsibility to make connections to these powerful, awakened Dharma Friends and keep a meaningful relationship with them through regular offerings and praises, such as tea offerings or golden nectar offerings.

On June 19, Khandro-la will start a series of transmissions of mantras and short practices associated with Dharma Protectors and Protectoresses. Part One is the transmission of the mantra and the short practice of Golden Nectar Tea Offering to PALDEN LHAMO, one of the most cherished Dharma Protectoresses in the Ear-Whispered Tradition. “Enemies'' loom large in our lives, externally and internally. We face adversities, personally and globally. At such times, we are called to practice deeply, invoking PALDEN LHAMO, Terrifying Protectress.

This special event is open to the public. However, it is intended for those who are willing and committed to putting this into practice with altruistic intentions. Those who have received this transmission before are really encouraged to join as well to reinforce and renew your connections. The transmission will be followed by commentary and practice with Khandro-la.

  • After receiving the transmission, you will receive the Palden Lhamo Tea Offering Sadhana in pdf format and will be invited to join our weekly online group practice (a short 30-minute, potent and sweet practice.)

  • Participation in this online transmission requires that you display your name on Zoom and keep your video on during the entire session.

  • The Zoom Link will be

REGISTRATION is required. It is customary to express gratitude for receiving transmission and making a connection to the lineage by offering dana, though no one will be turned away for lack of ability to do so. To register and offer Dana, go to our website here.

We hope to see you at this opportunity to receive this precious transmission and practice together.


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