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GANDEN LHAGYAMA - A Thousand Angels Of the Heaven of Bliss - Transmission and Practice

DW Public Sunday, July 25, 12 noon – 1 pm, PST

Join our upcoming DW Public Sunday for the transmission and practice of a prayer of Lama Devotion from the Ear-Whispered Lineage - “Ganden Lhagyama - A Thousand Angels Of the Heaven of Bliss”!

The teachings and practices of the Ganden tradition have been passed down from one master to another. Included in these transmitted teachings are three lama devotion prayers and oral teachings that honor Tsongkhapa: a long detailed one, a medium one and a very short one. Ganden Lha Gyama is a medium lama yoga practice that has unique techniques with a slight flavor of Vajrayana. It is very short, concise and easy to practice while containing the essence of this profound lama devotion practice.

During this session which is open to the public, Khandro-la will offer transmission (lung) and commentary (tri) for this beautiful practice with blessed melodies that have been transmitted over the centuries.


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