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GOLDEN NECTAR TEA OFFERING - Transmissions, Commentary & Practice

Updated: Apr 7

Sunday, April 7

10 - 12 noon, PDT

Golden Nectar Tea Offerings: 

  1. Palden Lhamo

  2. Mahakala

  3. Vajrayogini & Eight-Line Praise 

Enhance your tantric practice by connecting with key Guardians of Dharma! They are the powerful allies who protect, assist, and enlighten your practices. Chöying Khadro now offers Transmissions, Commentaries, and Practice Sadhanas that warrant meaningful relationships between you and the Dharma Protectors through regular offerings and praises. Furthermore, please join our Group Practice every Monday to deepen the experience of immense blessings.

Registration required. While Dana offerings are appreciated to honor the transmission and lineage connection, all are welcome regardless of financial contribution. Register and offer Dana here.

If you'd like to purchase the compilation of these three practice texts, please go here.


These requests and suggestions are intended to deepen your experience and help our time together flow at the transmission.

  • This is a sacred and auspicious occasion. Consider your participation to create a meaningful experience.

  • Observe silence as much as possible.

  • Stay present and be intentionally focused. While this can be difficult online, it impacts how you, and potentially others, experience the Empowerment. 

  • The Zoom link for this retreat will be

  • Concerning our teacher and each other, please observe these Zoom courtesies.

  1. Arrive 5-10 mins early so you are ready when Khandro-la arrives.

  2. Keep your audio MUTED unless speaking. 

  3. Indicate your name as your Zoom name so we can be clear about who is with us.

  4. Keep your video in order to fully participate and be present with the teacher and the sangha.

  5. Use the hand-raise function ( Click the Reactions button on the Zoom platform) during sharing and Q&A time.

  6. Do not share the Zoom ink with others who have not registered. 


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