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Mahamudra Shamatha Basics 5 Week Course, starts Sat., October 19, 4 pm PDT

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Shamatha Basics is devoted to the foundations and the development of single-pointed concentration or cultivation of a calm, clear and focused mind.

During this five-week series: We

- Develop and enhance our attention skills,

- Strengthen our faculty of mindfulness,

- Rest in whatever arises,

- Bring the skills developed in meditation into our daily lives

- Develop the ability to focus on the nature of mind

Shamatha is the vital building block for advanced practices such as Vajrayana and Cho. In particular, the practice of SETTLING THE MIND, or focusing on the nature of mind, plays such a key and foundational role in the path of freedom and awakening in the Mahamudra and Dzokchen traditions, not to mention, in our daily lives.

This practice is called by many names such as “Shamatha focusing on the conventional nature of mind,” “Settling the mind in its Natural State,” “Taking the Mind as the Path,” and “Taking Appearances and Awareness as the Path.”

​Modern research has also proven a host of secondary positive effects of Shamatha, including reduced stress, improved quality of sleep, enhanced mood, more balanced blood pressure – to name but a few.

Over the five-week course, participants will have a homework of the shamatha practice each week. They will also have an opportunity to participate in discussion forum and clarify any doubts and pitfalls with the meditation guide.

Please register by following this link.


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