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ONLINE DAKINI TRANSMISSIONS AND PRACTICE - Machik Five Dakinis & Vajrayogini For Potent Times

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Sunday, December 19th

12:00 noon - 1 pm, Pacific Time

Open to All

Registration is required

Suggested donations $15 - $35

Bless me that I turn negative conditions to the path! Bless me that my adversities shine as aids!

- "Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis"

Bring auspicious closure to the year of much turbulence and challenges through the blessings and healing of Dakini Transmissions and Practice! We are inviting you to experience the beauty and profundity of two inspiring Ear-Whispered Dakini Practices - 'The Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis' and the ‘Eight-Line Praises to Vajrayogini’.

Khandro-la will offer the transmission of The Supplication to Machik Five Dakinis to connect us to the five awakened energies manifested as the Five Dakinis of Machik Labdron. Together we will practice this beautiful prayers to transform adversities to our awakening path for this potent time in history. The text will be offered to those who registered and attended at no cost.

Another offering is the Eight-Line Praise to Vajrayogini transmission in conjunction with the publication of her new booklet of commentaries on this practice which will be available in our Media Store. Those who registered and attended this transmission will receive a copy at no cost upon request.

The Supplication song was initially shared by Khandro-la at the international Chö/Zhije Conference at Tara Mandala in the summer of 2017. This beautiful prayer was composed by Machik's eldest son, Gyelwa Döndrub and, with devotion and faith, has been chanted with its exquisite melody over the centuries by Ear-Whispered Chö Masters.

The Eight-Line Praise to Vajrayogini was taught by the Buddha Heruka and has also been chanted with blessed melodies in Sanskrit and Tibetan for ages. This practice entails profound and powerful mantras to recite wherever you are, especially for the present day to remove obstacles, accumulate positive potential, and unveil your buddha nature.

Both practice will be your beautiful life-long practices to add to your already existing practice.

Please join us, regardless of your affiliations or spiritual inclination, for the last DW Public Offering of the year! Together with these beautiful and powerful practices, we will cultivate love, peace, and courage to celebrate our spiritual fortunes and serve all beings. The free downloadable text will be provided to the registered participants in advance.


OPEN TO ALL. Suggested donation is $15 - $35 (including the texts). To register, please use the form here. You will receive a Zoom meeting invitation in advance.

We look forward to seeing you online.


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