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Refuge Vow Ceremony - A Guiding Lamppost of Our Journey

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Friday, July 22, 2:30 - 3:30 pm, Pacific Time

Open to all

Members and Non-Members

Registration Requited

Vows are a skillful means to create enormous karma, the guiding lamppost of our journey, and a driving force to bring sincere practitioners all the way to awakening. Everything, whatever we are experiencing, comes from karmic cause and effect. Therefore, we need Vows, this heart commitment with internal integrity to walk on this awakening path. The spiritual path starts with Refuge Vows, the foundation of all the journeys that follow - the fearless heart of the Bodhisattva journey and the amazing allay of the Tantric journey. At the same time, our spiritual path never veers away from these Refuge Vows and we need to come back to them again and again. And so, we take refuge in the true refuge many times in our lifetime, especially at challenging times as we come to deepen our own understanding what it means to each of us.

Our precious teacher, Khandro-la will offer this refuge ceremony to those who wish to receive these vows, regardless of the level of your practice at this moment. If you are a DW member and haven't taken formal refuge vows and received a refuge name, this would be an auspicious occasion to do so. In fact, all Dakini’s Whisper members and practitioner friends are encouraged and invited to participate in this ceremony to renew their commitment and celebrate their fellow travelers for their commitment to this journey. Of course, all non-members are also welcome to join this special occasion.

Registration and Dana

All are required to register no later than July 15th. We have the great fortune to have a teacher who has dedicated and continues to dedicate her life-stream to practicing, realizing and sharing the teachings of Dharma. To join this celebration of Vows, please submit the form here with any donation, no later than July 15th. If you'd like to receive a refuge name, please make sure to indicate that in the form.

Become A Member!

Not a member of Dakini's Whisper and interested in becoming one? Go to Dakini's Whisper member for more information.

This Youtube video of Khandro-la’s rich teaching on Vows will inspire your heart for this opportunity!


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