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SONGS OF SPIRITUAL REALIZATION - Condensed Points of the Stages of the Journey to Awakening

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Dakini's Whisper Public Sundays,12noon-1pm, PST

Je Tsongkhapa’s exquisite, short, SONGS OF SPIRITUAL REALIZATION (also translated as Lines of Experience, Tibetan: lam rim nyam kur) expresses a powerful and beautiful guided roadmap to awakening into our deepest and most fulfilling potential. He invites us to look deeply into our lives to pave the way to spiritual realization, just as he did.

Khandro-la elucidates this significant classic teaching on the lam-rim, graduated path to awakening, with inquiries that provoke the personal reflections and direct experiences of students. Teachings on this profound and ancient SONG will continue during several upcoming Dakini's Whisper Public Sundays. The text can be downloaded here.

You can also read the commentary by H.H. Dalai Lama here.

Zoom link is – ***Although there is no cost for this public teaching, dana in appreciation for the generous teachings offered by our esteemed teacher, is gratefully accepted . In DW, dana is used to support practitioners for whom finances might otherwise be a barrier to practicing the dharma with us.


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