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Subtle Body Training - Vajra Body Integration, Beginning Sept 3 & 5 or Drop-ins

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The Five-Week Series delves into Vajra Body Integration, which offers an integrative approach to a spiritual journey through body-based contemplative and embodied practices. Fully rooted in the ancient Tantric tradition, each class assists us in connecting with the inner experience of the Vajra body along with our sense of where we are in the larger expanse of space on our life journey.

Each class invites us to focus on one or two key vital Vajrayana teachings in an embodied, integrated and experiential manner. It is designed to assist spiritual practitioners, and people living in modernity to integrate spiritual psychology and advanced Vajrayana into a skillful practice for balancing the body, heart, mind, and awareness. For more info and registration, go here.


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