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Vajrayogini - Empowerment & Online Retreat

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

Friday - Sunday

September 22 - 24 2023

September 22 - 24, 2023

(All times are Pacific Daylight Time)

FRI Sept. 22 (2 – 5 pm) Preliminary

SAT Sept. 23 (2 – 6 pm) VAJRAYOGINI Empowerment

​SUN Sept. 24 (2 – 3 pm) Oral Transmission - Short Vajrayogini Sadhana

(4 – 7 pm) Tsok (Vajrayogini Chö Tsok)

** (If your schedule does not allow you to attend all the sessions, you may participate in the empowerment only on Saturday, September 23) **

During a time of conflict and complexity, Vajrayogini practice is a great vehicle for us to take refuge while turbulence and impermanence are prominent. It is said that “even if your heart moves an inch toward the Queen of Dakinis, Vajrayogini, and longs for entering her paradise in this degenerate time, you are called a fortunate and auspicious one!” For more information and to register, please visit here.


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