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Connect with Vajrayogini - Special Transmissions, Commentary and Practice

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

MAKE EVERY DAILY ACTIVITY PART OF YOUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY! Vajrayogini Short Tea Offering, Yoga of Eating, and 8-Line Praise

June 26, 12 noon - 1 :30 pm, Pacific Time

OPEN TO ALL DW Members and Non-members with a VY Connection

Text will be provided for those who have registered.

Come and learn how to integrate our daily activities of drinking and eating into our spiritual journey! Khandro-la is offering the Vajrayogini Tea Offering transmission, commentary and practice session, composed by the Ear-Whispered Lineage master, Ngulchu Dharmabhadra, for DW Members on Sunday, June 26, 12noon - 1:30pm, Pacific Time. The text will be provided to those who register. In addition, Khandro-la will offer the transmission and commentary for the Yoga of Eating and the Vajrayogini Eight-Line Praise.

If you are DW members, this will be an excellent opportunity to receive transmission so that you can start integrating these essential practices into your daily practice. We’ll also learn a beautiful blessed melody to sing this ritual. Non-members are required to indicate their connection to Vajrayogini practice (i.e. having received empowerment and transmission). Registration is required through this form with donations ($20 - $45) by June 25.

Hope you can join us for this special opportunity!


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