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Online Course

Part 2


Progressive Steps on The Journey to Awakening with Contemplative Inquiries

Every Sunday Begining Feb 2, 2020

11:00 am – 12:00 pm PST

8:00 pm - 9:00 pm CET

5:00 am - 6:00 am AEST


Registration is required. Please use the form below.

An Invitation to your spiritual authenticity!


A great journey begins with having a map of the route. In this weekly session, we will delve into the classical meditative teaching of so-called lam-rim, the Stages of the Path or the Gradual Path. 


Our approach is both pragmatic and experiential. We inquire about each step and how it informs our lives. We explore the meaning and extent to which we live life accordingly. We discover what is blocking us from realizing each step along the way. Can we make our lives more authentic and meaningful on this journey?


The profundity and efficacy of Vajrayana, Cho, and Mahamudra are firmly rooted in the realization and integration of these steps into our mind streams and our day-to-day lives. These systematic teachings are not only the basis for strengthening any advanced practices but also indispensable ingredients to embody our practice authentically and genuinely. This step-by-step process is the perfect and safe mapping for transformation to occur gradually. 


In this exploratory class, each practitioner, wherever one’s practice and one’s life is at, will find insight according to one’s level of understanding and there-by transform and deepen the quality of one’s practice and on and off-the-cushion experience.  


Each session will cover a unique subject which can be homework until the following week’s session so that each participant will have some time to digest and incorporate the theme into a daily meditation practice.

This series will also serve as the basis of the DW Book Club starting next year.



To register for TOPOGRAPHY OF THE PATH, please use the form below. The Course Fee - for Cho Program Trainees is free (a donation will be appreciated); for other DW Members is a sliding scale of $45 - $95 and non-DW Members $75 - $145. A Scholarship is available for those who need it upon request. You will receive a Zoom Meeting invitation at least one hour before the session begins. All participants are required to register by using the form below.


Not yet a member but would like to be?  Please click here to complete that process.


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