The Ear-Whispered
Five Dakini Practice, CHO, & Guru Yoga
Potent Practices for Times of Crisis

Online Transmission
Oral and Musical Transmission Offered Online 
by Chöying Khandro 

Saturday, November 20

12 noon – 1 pm, PST



Registration is required.

In the midst of a time of global and personal conflict and turbulence, the practices of CHO, Guru Yoga, and FIve Dakinis provide us with powerful tools to transform not only our own minds but also our relationship with this challenging and conflicted world. The dharma demands that we embrace the dilemmas of our age with love, wisdom, and courage.


This special occasion is dedicated to oral & musical transmissions (lung) that have come from the unbroken river of blessings called "the Ear-Whispered Lineage." We warmly invite you regardless of your affiliations! So, if you have a resonance with this invitation, please join us. (Refuge and Tantric Vows are recommended.) If you are a CHO MASTERY JOURNEY student and have not received this blessing, please take this opportunity to attend.


The oral and musical transmissions of the following practices will be offered -

  • Five Dakini Retreat Manual (Five Dakini Practice)

  • The Seven PEs (The concise CHO practice)

  • A Thousand Deities of Bliss Heaven (Ganden Lhagyama) with the Preliminary (Guru Yoga)

Online Practice Opportunities After Transmission


Once you receive the transmission, those of you who are on Cho Mastery Journey may access online opportunities to listen to explanatory teachings and commentary (Tri) on these practices and participate in our regular online Five Dakini and Cho group practices. Cho Mastery students engage in the Five-Dakini meditation and mantra accumulation to progress this journey of Cho based on this Five Dakini practice manual.

The “Practice Cho with Khandro-la” will be offered in Public on Sunday, November 21, 12 noon - 1 pm. For more information, please go here.



The texts (see below) which include these practices are available from Dakini's Whisper Media Store. 



It is a traditional custom to make a Dana (donation) to Dakini's Whisper and Chöying Khandro, as a symbolic act of appreciation for the preciousness of the lineage and the kindness of the teacher providing the transmission.


Donations of $15-$35 are suggested.

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