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In-Depth Practice of Five Elements & Five Dakinis

Become an Immense & Benevolent Ambassador to the World

In Response to COVID-19 and Beyond


June 2020 – May 2021

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We invite you to join us in becoming ambassadors of immense and benevolent presence. We will deepen our dedication to our practice of the Five Dakinis in this one-year journey, in service to ourselves, our community, and to the world.  


As a global community, we can come together and commit to sustained practice, study, and connection as we invoke the power of the Dakinis to meet the unprecedented challenge we’re all facing at this moment in time. This one-year journey is designed to facilitate our inherent capacity to access timeless awareness and an embodied presence powerfully, in a flexible curriculum to meet the needs of all participants. Throughout the year we will be integrating study and practice related to the ancient Five Elements, Five Dakinis, and the five-energy system as well as other teachings in Tantra and yogic traditions


The Five Dakinis are a dynamic language of our most profound mind that reflects all aspects of the human experience. The Five Elements that the Five Dakinis entail constitute every facet of our lived experience. These Five Elements manifest a spectrum of energy from form (earth) to emptiness (space). In other words, the entire world of our individual experience is a play of the Five Elements or five types of energies.


The Five Elements and our personal experience are profoundly interconnected. Any loss of balance is mirrored in our relationship to the world. Now is the time to return, restore, and develop a genuine connection with all Five Elements and all aspects of life in a constructive and benevolent way. Through forming an alliance with the Five Dakinis and embodying the five-fold awakened presence, we can step away from old, unskillful patterns. This Dakini practice supports us in transforming reactive emotions or patterns, intensified during the pandemic, into immense presence, liberated energy, and direct awareness.


The Dakini journey aims at exploring our responses to the pandemic by holding the paradox of ultimate and relative manifested worlds wisely and compassionately. Specifically, the curriculum entails the practice of the Five Dakinis and Five Elements by using the traditional Five-Dakini Practice manual and Subtle Body training. All practices and teachings will be recorded for greater flexibility in participation. All elements of the journey are strongly suggested and not required.



One Year beginning June 5, 2020

Mid-term - beginning January 2021


  • Attended as much as possible - Monthly Online Retreat, Saturday - the first weekend of the month in general - once a month for one year

Saturday   10 am - 4 pm, EST / 7 am - 1 pm PST for all timezones

  • All the retreats will be recorded. The participants can access resources in eLearning

  • eLearning Option for those who missed the retreat

  • Monthly Five-Dakini Practice & Tsok Feast

  • One Personal Retreat on the Five Elements and Five Dakinis per year

  • Homework & Journal

  • One Immersion in May 2021

  • OPTIONAL: Daily Five-Dakini Mantra Counting for those who are willing to complete the lineage commitment until the counting is complete. (A requirement for those Cho Mastery Journey students who would like to move into the Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage.)

  • OPTIONAL: Subtle Body Training, Tibetan Yoga, and Tsa-lung practice

  • OPTIONAL: Interview with Khandro-la

  • DW Sangha Membership - Dakini Member


Please register by clicking here to complete that process by choosing your membership.


  • Refuge & Bodhicitta

  • Cho Empowerment according to the Ear-Whispered Lineage - Strongly encouraged

  • Five-Dakini Practice Transmission according to the Ear-Whispered Lineage. If you haven't had it yet please contact us by email.


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