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A Deep Dive Into the Heart of Dakini

A One-Year, Online, Self-Paced, Immersion Experience 

with Choying Khandro


Starting Anytime

Have you ever wondered what the Dakini really is, how she can assist you on your spiritual path, and how the Buddha Dharma can support you in awakening to her?


Through traditional and contemporary Dakini teachings and practices along with subtle body training and Dharma resources, this Dakini immersion experience will guide you on a pilgrimage into the heart of the Dakini - your own mind and being. 

(Artwork above by Rima Fujita)


Join us and take a deep dive into the heart of the Dakini, this embodiment of awakening! Many streams of Choying Khandro, Khandro-la's, blessed teachings will merge into this river of homecoming to aid you in uncovering and awakening to your own boundless and most fulfilling potential expressed as the Dakini in your life, moment to moment. Dakini teachings are multidimensional and immensely rich in both traditional and contemporary applications. Your spiritual and human journey will come alive through this well-structured, integrated nine-module course that includes a compilation of Khandro-la’s Dakini and Cho Foundations teachings, Mahamudra meditations and subtle body training (SBT) classes. Each module is intended to serve as a pointer and thought-provoking guide for your own intimate, personal immersion into the Dakini experience. 


The e-Dakini Journey will become your essential companion as a unique, stable, profound and creative guide on your personal spiritual pilgrimage. Let it inspire you to manifest the awakened qualities of the Dakini as a bold, sometimes shocking and always wise, fearless, and compassionate presence in your life and in the world.


Some pilgrims may aspire to also embark on the Ear-Whispered Lineage journey, which is the lineage held by Khandro-la. Therefore, an optional Five Dakini Retreat Practice according to the lineage, and authentically guided by Khandro-la, will be offered parallel to the new Dakini Journey. Pilgrims who choose to participate in this Practice will be required to receive CHO EMPOWERMENT, Opening the Door to the Sky. With the blessings of lineage masters who engaged in the Ear-Whispered Lineage Five Dakini Practice, there is no doubt that the Practice itself will be enhanced by this Dakini Journey, while the Journey will also be deeply enriched by the Practice. For those who have completed the Five Dakini Practice, further Dakini Lineage practices will be introduced as they wish.

What Will I Explore and Learn From This Journey?

Pilgrims on this Journey will experience:

  • An embodied tantric practice to free and awaken all beings.

  • A spiritual journey that is grounded in the body and heart.

  • A genuine understanding of Buddha Dharma through participating in an integrative and interactive approach.

  • A glimpse into the heart of the Dakini.


Each module will feature a theme related to Dakini teachings and practices.


Module One


Module Two


Module Three


Module Four


Module Five


Module Six


Module Seven


Module Eight


Module Nine



                                                                                             (Artwork by soyolmaa davaakhuu)

Each of the nine modules will include:


  • Guided Meditations - Videos of many of Khandro-la’s moving and inspiring meditations.

  • Dakini Teachings - Videos of Khandro-la’s rich and enticing Dakini teachings.

  • Subtle Body Training - Videos of integrative Dakini’s Whisper subtle body classes.

  • Mahamudra Meditation - Key meditation tools for building practice skills from Clarifying the Natural State by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal, along with Khandro-la’s related guided meditation videos.

  • Cho Foundations Teaching - Recommended readings with simplicity and profundity from Khandro-la’s book, the Heart of Cho, to support your personal exploration and self-inquiry.

  • Guided Self-Reflection - Provocative self-inquiry questions to facilitate personal reflection.

  • Dakini Dancing with Khandro-la - Movement practice with Khandro-la.

  • Creative Expressions of Dakinis -  A creative exploration of Dakini in any form, such as art, writing (journaling and sharing on the Dakini Blog), dancing, photography, nature, or any modality that helps you to express your Dakini within. Pilgrims will be invited to share these personal experiences at monthly gatherings culminating in a celebration of their creative expressions during the final Retreat with Khandro-la.


Other key features include:


  • Monthly Practices.

    • Students who have joined the optional Five Dakini Practice will meet for a monthly group practice.

  • Culmination Project.

    • The one-year e-Dakini Journey experience will culminate with a sharing of creative expressions by each Dakini through Dakini's Corner Blog. 

  • OPTIONAL Dakini Lineage Practice.

    • Students who decide to enter the blessings of the stream of the Ear-Whispered lineage by learning the Five Dakini Practice and completing the mantra accumulation during the year of this Dakini immersion experience will be given access to the Dakini Practice Resources module in the DW eLearning system. Students who have completed the Five Dakini Practice will have an option to further explore Dakini Lineage practice.

  • Communal Dakini Corner Blog.

    • Dakini pilgrims will have a designated Dakini Journey section on the communal Dakini Corner Blog on the Dakini’s Whisper Website. This will be dedicated to discussion and dialogue among pilgrims. You will be encouraged to join in these dialogues to deepen your understanding and practice. You can also ask Khandro-la whatever questions you may have about this Journey on the Blog, in the section titled, “Ask Khandro-la.”

Enroll in the e-Dakini Journey NOW, and learn at your own pace with ample support and structure over the next 12 months! Access to the modules will be ongoing, and students are strongly encouraged to follow the pilgrimage to completion within the designated one-year time frame. At the beginning of each month, the module of the month will be sent to your inbox.

What is Required to Join This Journey?


This Journey is open to all practitioners regardless of the level of practice, who have a heart longing to deepen their spiritual practice and meet the Dakini face-to-face. Prerequisites include:


  • A commitment to complete each monthly module and wholeheartedly embrace the possibilities this Journey will offer to your Dharma practice.

  • A commitment to attend and participate in monthly Journey gatherings and retreats led by Khandro-la.

  • A basic understanding of the Buddha Dharma is strongly encouraged. However, if you are quite new to Dharma teaching, don’t worry. You will learn it through this journey.

  • Refuge and Bodhicitta vows are strongly recommended but not required.


All applicants are required to complete the Registration Form and become a Dakini’s Whisper, Emerald Level member, setting up recurring payments as indicated below.


If you are a DW Emerald member and above:

If you are not a DW Supporting member.

  • Complete the membership form here to upgrade your membership to the Emerald Member or above.

  • Cancel your current recurring PayPal payment and set up a new one accordingly.

If you are not a Dakini’s Whisper member:

  • Complete the Membership Form here to join DW as either an Emerald Member or a Sponsor Member level with the note that you are registering for New Dakini Journey in the form.

  • Set up your recurring PayPal payment accordingly.

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If you are not a Dakini’s Whisper member, become an Emerald Member and Above


If you are not a member, go to DW eLearning to purchase the course. You can get access right away.


Journey Materials and Resources

  • Cho FoundationsThe Heart of Cho Volume One by Choying Khandro. Suggested readings will be included with each module.

  • DAKINI JOURNEY in the Contemporary World, The Heart of Cho Volume Two by Choying Khandro.

  • Clarifying The Natural State by Dakpo Tashi Namgyal. Suggested readings will be included with each module.

  • Subtle Body Training Master Course 1: Basics. Dakini pilgrims may purchase this Master Course.

  • Dakini’s Warm Breath by Judith Simmer-Brown.

  • Dakini’s Whisper Subtle Body (SBT) Training Offerings. Students are encouraged to register and participate in SBT Offerings whenever possible.

Creative Expressions of Dakini by DW Students

Below are examples of creative expressions of Dakinis from DAKINI CORNER'S BLOG where you can read more inspiring posts and artwork created and shared by DW students!


The flower Dakini of the sky

rides on the horse of the barren hearing lineage,

which is reined with the inexpressible turtle’s hair.

With the horn of an unborn hare,

she kills the preconception of the expanse of reality [dharmata].

- Naropa

Module Overview




As you enter the New  Dakini Journey and prepare to meet the Dakini, you will need a roadmap to guide you and ground you. In this module, you will learn and review the fundamentals for the Journey - what do you need in your provision bag for this pilgrimage? You will be introduced to the Dakini in the context of the Buddhist tradition and get a glimpse of her. The subtle body is an essential component of the Journey to meet the Dakini and preliminary subtle body practice will be shared. Setting your own intention or motivation for the Journey will be an anchor for you to come back to, again and again. 



Our journey starts with getting to know the stable, steady and equanimous energy of Earth Dakini. This will provide us with the grounding and connection we need to enter the Dakini pilgrimage. In this module, we will develop an awareness of the earth below us and around us, learn about the Dakinis’ influence on the life of the great masters, Machik Labdron and Lama Tsongkhapa, explore the multiple layers or dimensions of the body, and familiarize ourselves with the basis for coming home to who and what we truly are. 



Our journey will move on from the coarse, stable ground of Earth Dakini to a bit subtler Water Dakini, the awakened embodiment of the immutability of Vajra with the clarity of water. Like a river flowing along the river bank, we will directly connect with the cohesive movement of Vajra Water Dakini energy - her adaptability and fluidity, as well as her capacity to cut through ego-grasping and conditioned patterns. 



As our journey takes us deeper, we will explore Lotus Fire Dakini’s qualities - transformation, inspiration, aspiration, and yearning for spiritual unfolding. Fire Dakini’s dynamic energy ignites the passion of our intention. When we have an embodied experience of Fire Dakini we exude warmth, strength, courage and wisdom - the fire of our deep longing, pure love and innate caring.



As a result of the hard work we have done to transform desire and ego, spontaneous activity absent of ego will naturally unfold. During this module, we will explore Wind Karma Dakini which moves everywhere without restrictions, knows what needs to be done, and does it without effort or thought. We will connect with the perfect action of Wind Dakini and see if we can embody the paradoxical nature of action and non-action in our bodies and expressions.  



Our Journey finally leads us to the subtlest vast, limitless and boundless emptiness of space, where all other energies and elements play within and where everything arises and subsides. This module explores meeting Space Buddha Dakini by connecting with her qualities in our body through the sense doors, and in our heart.  Through being fully present, we will come to know her pacifying awakened activities and see for ourselves how her groundless emptiness makes anything, and everything possible. 



As we deepen our relationship with the Dakinis, our longing to really meet them face-to-face will strengthen. With this emotional, heartfelt yearning, we can turn to the prayers of ancient masters who inspire devotion, humility, trust, diligence, perseverance and a kind of surrender. In this module, we will learn how prayer is a part of this integrated journey and how it can be used as a tool that can take us deeper and deeper. The more we understand emptiness the more we will see that prayer becomes one of the ways we can unveil our true nature. 



Now the Dakini’s awakened energies finally welcome us home. We are, after all, coming home to our true source. Module Eight celebrates this homecoming in complete recognition of all of the Dakini qualities and activities manifesting in us. You could say, we might get a glimpse of our own face.



As we arrive at the end of the New Dakini Journey,  we celebrate our ultimate familiarity with Dakinis. We also understand that as we continue to learn to recognize her flavors, energies and manifestations in our lives, this is actually the beginning of our own “new” journey in the world with fresh Dakini eyes. This module wholeheartedly celebrates and honors our embodiment of the Dakini and her expressions in our lives!

PILGRIMAGE GUIDE - Choying Khandro

Chöying Khandro holds the complete transmissions of both Ear-Whispered Lineages of the Mount of Bliss and the Machik Dakini from her teacher, the Late His Holiness Ninth Khalkha Jetsün Dampa. She is among the few original students who were with Khalkha Jetsün Dampa from the early 1990s until his death in 2012. Khandro-la, as her students call her, was authorized to carry these rare lineages through Dakini’s Whisper from the Late Jetsun Dhampa and was presented with teaching robes by him in 2011, which is not a common thing to be given to a laywoman in the Geluk tradition. For the last twenty-five years, Chöying Khandro has devoted her life to Dharma teaching and transmissions in the West. 


She brings decades of intensive study and practice to her teachings, leading retreats, and translating Tibetan texts. She has completed all the lineage protocols and personal retreats including a three and half year solitary retreat in the forests of Oregon. She has an M.A. in Oriental Philosophy from Waseda University in Japan and an M.A. in Buddhist Studies from the University of Michigan. She has also been intensively trained in body-oriented disciplines and is a registered Yoga Therapist and certified Wisdom Body Trainer. Her body-mind integrative approach to the spiritual path helps bring the efficacy and profundity of the ancient tradition to our modern-day lives. This New Dakini Journey reflects the breadth and depth of her experiential understanding of Buddhist tantra and of how integral the subtle body system is to this path. She is currently writing a book on Dakini Journey.

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