Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Mahamudra Journey for? 

It is for students who, through in-depth study and practice, want to to go directly and deeply into the heart of the matter, recognizing and abiding in one’s true nature no matter what arises in one’s life.

How do I become a student in the Mahamudra Journey?

By submitting the application with the base fee first (see the bottom of this page) and becoming a DW sangha member at the appropriate level with auto monthly payments or one-time annual membership. 


I am a Chö Mastery Journey and/or Dakin Journey student? How does the Mahamudra Journey fit with these programs?

These journeys complement and enhance each other. The students on the Chö Mastery Journey and the Dakini Journey are strongly encouraged to participate in the one-year Mahamudra Journey to establish a strong working basis of Vajrayana and Chö practice.


I have never practiced Buddhist meditation but I’m interested in learning? Would the Mahamudra Journey be a place for me to start?

TThis program is for all levels of students including beginners in meditation practice. It will provide you with a foundation and a framework for lifelong practice, applicable to any spiritual path.  As a beginner, this journey offers a basic framework from mindfulness to complete, full awakening, in a simple and methodical way.  

I work full time and my time for formal practice is limited at this point. Is this for me?

Yes. This particular path is especially suitable for those who are actively engaged in the world in these contemporary times. You will learn how to integrate your practice into your busy daily life, turning whatever you do in life to your spiritual practice on this path. You will discover how to live presence with more ease and relaxation in the midst of busy life.


Can I join the Mahamudra Journey even if I practice in another lineage and I have encountered Dakini’s Whisper for the first time?

Of course, we welcome any practitioners from any lineage as long as they have made an auspicious connection to this lineage. In fact, the journey consists of sincere practitioners who have pursued different paths and aspire to deepen their own unique path through the support of the journey.


We follow our great masters’ footsteps that entail a completely non-sectarian view. The late H.H. Jetsun Dhampa Khalkha Rinpoche had teachings from all 4 major traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and vice versa (all the four traditions revere Jetsun Dampa.)

What should I do if I’m still not sure about whether I want to commit to this or have a question?

If you have further questions about the program, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team or request an interview. Contact Ellen Green at


STEP 1: 

Please complete your preliminary registration by using the form below, submitting a required base registration fee of $30, AND THEN complete your registration as follows:



  • Current Active Cho Mastery, Dakini, and Sponsor Level members: No additional fee required. Your registration is complete.  Of course, dana is welcomed and encouraged.

  • Current Supporting Level members: Please go to the membership page to upgrade your membership level to Cho Mastery/Mahamudra Level or above.

  • All Other Applicants: Please go to the membership page. Complete and submit the Membership Registration Form at the bottom of that page by choosing the Cho Mastery/Mahamudra Journey Level or above (Dakini Journey or Sponsor,  which includes Cho Mastery/Mahamudra Journey). Next, click the Paypal button (above the registration form) to set up AUTOMATED MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS or remit the ONE-TIME ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT.

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