Dakini's Whisper Master Course 3

Chö Practice Basics I

Essential Commentary on Chö Ritual

Chö Whispered from the Mount of Bliss



The sadhana text is in Pecha format - including Tibetan transliteration, English translation, and the English word-by-word translation.


This video offers complete performance practices with Tibetan transliteration as well as the English word-by-word translation. This aids non-Tibetan speaking students in performing the lineage texts with traditional melodies in a traditional manner.


​The chant book also includes additional devotional verses and other materials that will be of great interest and benefit to practitioners in the Ear-Whispered lineage. These include the Four Sets of Vows, the Guru Yoga of Machik Labdron, Machik’s Last Instructions, Calling Precious Machik from Afar, In Praise of Machik’s Perfection of the Six Paramitas, Aryadeva’s Grand Poem of Severance, the Eight Verses of Mind Training, King of Prayers, and an English translation of the Heart Sutra.

  • THE CHÖ PRELIMINARIES (Optional) - Teaching (Audio and some videos)

Ear-Whispered Chö Teaching.

The Three Principal Aspects of the Path.


- Approaching Charnel Grounds

Chö as Existential and Psychological Healing (video)


1) Review the Cho Foundations (The Four Thoughts That Turn The Mind and The Three Principal Aspects of the Path - Renunciation, Bodhicitta & Wisdom of Emptiness - See Below)

2) Read pp. 55 - 70 in Chod in the Ganden Tradition (CGT)​

Refuge and Bodhicitta

- Opening and Surrendering

Meditation: Refuge and Bodhicitta (video)

Some Aspects of Chö Practice (video)


1) Practice the damaru (starting with "Tayata...")

2) Practice the melodies: Refuge and Bodhicitta

3) Read pp. 71- 77 (CGT)​


Offering Practice

- Making a Relationship with Buddha Nature


1) Practice the melodies: the Merit Field, & Seven-Branch Practice

2) Practice the damaru rhythm: "Ma-dang-Lha-yi-khan-dro" Rhythm

3) Review "the Eight Objects of the Resolve" (the 8 Sources of Disturbances) pp.140 - 142 in Machik's Complete Explanation

4) Read pp. 77 - 80 (CGT)

Inner Mandala

- Offering up the Entire Universe


1) Practice the melodies: Inner Mandala

2) Read pp. 81 - 84 (CGT)


(See Week 3 - Part 1)

Lineage Prayer

- Entering into the River of Blessings

Lineage Prayer (video)

Intro to a Cho Liturgy (audio) 

Cho Liturgy Walk-Through 1 (audio) 


1) Practice the melodies: Lineage Prayer

2) Practice the damaru rhythm: "Ma-dang-Lha-yi-khan-dro" Rhythm

3) Read pp.  85 - 86, 92-94 (CGT)

White Feast (Powa)

- Separating Body and Consciousness - Resting as Great Mother

The Heart of Cho (video)

Machik's "Last Instruction"(pdf) 


1) Practice the melodies: Separating Body and Consciousness

2) Read pp. 95 - 96 (CGT)


(See Week 4 - Part 1)

White Feast (Preparation)

- Preparing the Offering of the Body


1) Practice the melodies: Preparing the Offering of the Body

2) Practice the damaru: "Tayata Om ... Ma-dang-Lha-yi-khan-dro" Rhythm

3) Read pp 97 - 98 (CGT)​


White Feast (Actual Offering)

- Actual Offering


1) Practice the melodies: Actual Offering of White Feast

2) Read pp. 99 - 104 (CGT)


(See Week 5 - Part 1)

Red Feast (Preparation and Invitation)

- Preparing the Offering of the Body & Inviting the Guests of Offering

Awareness and Compassion

How to Visualize - A Tip

Walkthrough Visualization (audio)    Part 1            Part 2


1) Practice the melody of Red Feast - Preparation and Invitation

2) Practice the damaru: "Tayatha Om..." Rhythm

3) Read pp. 104 - 106 (CGT)

(Option: 4) Meditation on Awareness and Compassion

Red Feast (Actual Offering)

- Fierce Compassion that Feeds Whatever they Need

Three Cho Basics


1) Practice the melody "Red Feast - Actual Offering"

2) Read pp. 17 - 18 (CGT)

Manifold Feast

- Offering the Desirables that are Transfomed from the Skin

The Four Demons

1. The Material Demon

2. The Immaterial Demon

3. The Demon of Exaltation

4. The Demon of Inflation


1) Practice the melody of "Manifold Feast"

2) Read pp. 108 - 111 (GCT)

3) Read pp. 117 - 120, "the Four Devils" in Machik's Complete Explanation

Giving Dharma, Tonglen & Sending My Guests Off To Their Home

- Extreme Tonglen that Illuminates the Darkness

The Four Stages of Cho Practice

Heart-Oriented Meditation: Tonglen


1) Practice the melody "Giving Dharma"

2) Read pp. 111 - 117, 118 - 119

Meditating on Emptiness & Dedication


1) Practice the melody "Meditating on Emptiness" and "Dedication"

2) Read pp. 120 - 122

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