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Annual Online Retreat , Friday - Sunday, October 4 - 6, PDT


The essence of Guru Yoga is to realize our true nature through connecting to the awakened qualities beyond our limited idea of who and what we think we are. In other words, Guru Yoga is a powerful skillful means to awaken to our most profound and fullest potential. We bring a variety of karmic traits and conditioning to our spiritual path. Machik Labdron can be a tremendous inspiration for us spiritual seekers due to her being a human, female practitioner and teacher, and an inspiring awakened divine expression on our spiritual path.

Our upcoming annual online retreat this year will delve into Guru Yoga of Machik Labdron along with Mahamudra pointing out instructions. Khandro-la will introduce the beautiful short Guru Yoga text enriched with Mahamudra teachings, practiced based on a resting mind. This practice can be incorporated into our daily home practice.

In addition, two beautiful practices that compliment Machik’s Guru Yoga - “Calling Precious Machik From Afar” and “In Praise of Machik’s Six Perfections” will be transmitted and practiced during the online retreat.


Practically, this retreat involves four sessions per day – two together, two on your own. The schedule is designed to make attendance flexible enough for students in both the U.S. and Europe to participate in the retreat without having to push their sleep and waking routine. Those in the early time zone will practice on their own before the two communal sessions, and those in the late time zone will practice after. 

Regular retreat is a crucial element for serious Vajrayana practice. This program is a meaningful way of fitting a retreat into everyday life while drawing upon the support and inspiration of the teachings, the teacher, and the sangha. It will allow students to prepare, explore and to develop confidence in running their own private retreats. 




Cho Mastery Trainees - Free (Automatically receive an invitation)

Non-Trainees - Sliding Scale $75 - $125 (Whole Retreat - Friday and Saturday evening events are included)

Participants attending only the Friday and Saturday night events - Suggested Donation $20 - $35


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