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DAKINI JOURNEY - Become an Immense & Benevolent Ambassador in Response to COVID-19 and Beyond

Updated: May 8, 2021

One-year Journey with Dakini's Whisper, June 2020 – May 2021

ABOUT JOURNEY: We invite you to join us in becoming ambassadors of immense and benevolent presence. In service to ourselves, our community and to the world let’s come together as the Dakini’s that we are and deepen our dedication to our practice of the Five Dakinis in this one-year journey.

Amidst the unprecedented challenge we all are facing, Dakini’s Whisper has birthed this provocative response to COVID-19. As a global community we can come together and commit to sustained practice, study and connection as we invoke the power of the Dakini’s to meet this moment in time. This one-year journey is designed to facilitate our inherent capacity to access timeless awareness and an embodied presence powerfully and in a flexible curriculum to meet the needs of all participants. Throughout the year we will be integrating study and practice related to the ancient Five Elements, Five Dakinis, and the five-energy system as well as other teachings in Tantra and yogic traditions

For more information and registration, please visit here.


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