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ONLINE Vajrayogini Cho Tsok Retreat

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

A Powerful Practice of the Queen of Dakinis (Vajrayogini) For Prayers and Positive Forces

Thursday, July 16 through Sunday July 19 2020


For more details and registration, please go here.


This year's annual retreat for Dakini's Whisper 2020 will take place online. Amid health concerns and a global crisis, we will delve into the powerful practice of "Chö Tsok in Conjunction with Vajrayogini ("Vajrayogini Chö Tsok")." This practice is rich, entailing - the Chö (Chod) offering of your own most attached body to all beings and Feast (Tsok) offerings. These are powerful and skillful means to accumulate tremendous positive force and purify our negative karma. We also invite into our presence and celebrate all awakened beings, especially, Vajrayogini, the deity who becomes more potent in degenerated times.

Vajrayogini Chö Tsok practice is the practice for this time of crisis and will be the focus of the Year Two Chö Mastery Program. If you are new to Vajrayana, this will be an excellent way to expose yourself to the wonderous Vajra world. Once you receive the scriptural and musical transmissions, you can join the Dakini's Whisper monthly group practice of Tsok Feast offering on the Dakini days. This is when, as a group, we exercise and celebrate the pure view of dakas and dakinis while dedicating the entirety of positive potential to the happiness of all beings.

In this online retreat, Khandro-la will off