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Amanda S./Chonyi Wangmo
Nov 21, 2022
In NEW Dakini Journey
I felt Vajra and Ratna simultaneously expressing themselves in the first two images - the glow of the rotting leaves in the rain, the almost imperceptibly flowing stream shaped into a mirror by the clay earth of the banks. The stainless blue sky and the bare bones of the trees in the third image initially seemed more like pure Vajra - sharp, clear. But here again, perhaps the trees can be seen not as sharp bones, but as Ratna's firm foundation - the reliable skeleton, the support of the leaves that come and go. The more we look, and more importantly, FEEL, the more we see how the dakini is a fluid shape-shifter, one pure unchanging nature that is simultaneously, endlessly changeable.
Glimpses of Vajra Dakini content media
Amanda S./Chonyi Wangmo
Nov 21, 2022
In 21st Century Experiences
Iron-hearted indifference Silently allowing my ignorant Clinging to corpses Until I become one. Now I notice The scythe and veil - Looks like death, but Dissolution = liberation.

Amanda S./Chonyi Wangmo

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