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Mar 08, 2022
In Ask Khandro-la
Dear Khandro-la, I am very much enjoying this practice of the Five Dakini's. I love the melodies as well as the movement of the energy that goes along with the recitation of each individual dakini's mantra. I feel this practice so far has brought me closer to my own nature, getting rid of some layers that have been covering my ways of acting and thinking, like peeling the skin of an onion you could say. My question now is: what are the signs that point out that I am doing this practice in the right way? What is the mantra-siddhi of the Five Dakini Practice? The question rose up, because I was asked this exact question and at the same time by reading an article on this pastor who discovered he was using one wrong word, while baptizing people for the last 20 years! He realized that now he will have to baptize all of those people again, because he used one wrong word, he said 'we' in stead of 'I'. Along with the pronunciation and the right words, there is ofcourse also the way of concentrating, visualizing, embodying etcetera. But still my question remains: how can I know I am doing this practice the right way. What are the signs? And as a second question: what is the mantra-siddhi we can accomplish by accumulating 10.000 mantra's of Prajna Paramita and the Five Dakini's? Warmly, Hester


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