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Online Empowerment Retreat

July 27 - Sep. 15

Sat-Sun. July 27 - 28: VY Vajrayogini Preliminary & Empowerment

Sun. Aug 4, 11, 18, 25, and Sep1: Vajrayogini Retreat

Sat. - Sun. Sep 14 - 15: Vajrayogini POWA

(All times are Pacific Daylight Time)

Registration Deadline: July 1st, 2024

In times of conflict and complexity, when turbulence and impermanence are prominent, Vajrayogini practice offers an excellent and auspicious refuge. It is said, “Even if your heart moves an inch toward the Queen of Dakinis, Vajrayogini, and longs to enter her paradise in this degenerate time, you are called a fortunate and auspicious one!”



Carried secretly and authentically from masters to disciples, Vajrayogini practice has been upheld by the realized masters in the Ear-Whispered Lineage like a river, uninterrupted and unified. Now, Chöying Khandro offers 2024 VAJRAYOGINI ONLINE SERIES - including Empowerment, Transmissions, Commentary, and Guidance for Practice, the same way as the past masters have passed down.

Khandro-la invites those who are ready to embark on the path of the Highest Yoga Tantra, with Vajrayogini as your essence Yidam. For the benefit of all mother-sentient beings, your pursuit of awakening in this lifetime is blessed.

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Choose one and register.

Vajrayogini Empowerment, Vajrayogini Retreat
Vajrayogini Powa

We highly recommend this full spectrum selection of all three programs. The POWA transmission is unique and rare and is now available to those who have already received Vajrayogini Empowerment and are committed to Vajrayogini practice.



All of the above

Vajrayogini Powa Recording for practice

Vajrayogini Powa text


Member: U$195 - $395

Non-member: U$295 - $695

Vajrayogini Empowerment AND
Vajrayogini Retreat

You engage in practice commitments after receiving Empowerment with sufficient understanding that deepens your experiences. Additionally, members can join a monthly teaching called “DAKINI PATH” which will further enrich your journey to realization.



Empowerment Materials

Short Sadhana (PDF)

eLearning Course (Vajrayogini Lamrim)

DAKINI PATH Program (membership required)

Vajrayogini Discussion Group


Member: U$125 - $295

Non-member:  U$195 - $595

Vajrayogini Empowerment ONLY

You plant a seed to ripen virtuosity in your future journey.



Empowerment Materials


Member: Free of charge (donations appreciated)

Non-member: U$75

  • 1. What is DW Training, and how does it benefit members?
    DW Training serves as a comprehensive roadmap for our members, guiding them through their spiritual awakening journey. It functions as a curriculum, outlining the relationships among eLearning Modules, online courses, and events within the context of lineage traditions. This structured approach assists members in navigating their learning process effectively.
  • 2. How does DW Training complement other offerings within Dakini Whisper?
    DW Training is designed to be both separate and complementary to other offerings within Dakini Whisper. While it provides a structured path for personal growth and development, it also complements other teachings and practices available within the community, enhancing the overall spiritual experience for members.
  • 3. Can members register for all three streams of DW Training simultaneously?
    Yes, members at the Emerald level and above have the opportunity to register for all three streams of DW Training concurrently. Many members have found value in participating in multiple streams simultaneously, allowing for a comprehensive and integrated approach to their spiritual journey.
  • 4. What happens after becoming a member and registering for DW Training?
    Upon becoming a member and registering for DW Training, new members will have an orientation meeting with Khandro-la. During this meeting, members will have the opportunity to discuss their individual needs and preferences, allowing Khandro-la to provide personalized guidance and support tailored to each member's journey.
  • 5. How can members access additional support and resources during their DW Training?
    Members can access additional support and resources throughout their DW Training journey. This includes access to eLearning Master Courses, personalized guidance from Khandro-la, and opportunities to participate in online events and discussions within the Dakini Whisper community.
  • 6. Is there a specific timeline or schedule for completing DW Training?
    DW Training is designed to be flexible, allowing members to progress through the program at their own pace. While there are recommended timelines for completing each level of the training, members have the freedom to adapt their learning journey according to their individual needs and schedules.
  • 7. How do I track my progress in the DW Training Program?
    Keep a record of your own activities, including dates of attendance and completion of homework assignments. Check off the activities you have participated in and integrated into your practice. This will guide you in determining the next steps to complete each level.
  • 8. Is certification available for completing levels in any Stream?
    Yes, certification is available upon completing each level in any Stream. Simply submit a request for a Signed Certificate of Completion by emailing: with your completed checklist and request.
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