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In Commemoration of the 9th Jetsun Dampa

Chö Empowerment, Transmissions, and Prayers

in Times of Crisis - from a Global Pandemic to Personal Wounds

Saturday - Sunday, March 13 - 14




Required for Chö Mastery Journey Students

In Conjunction with CHÖ MASTERY JOURNEY "CORE LEVEL", LEVEL 1, 2 & 3



Join fellow travelers and aspiring fearless ambassadors for Dakini’s Whisper’s historic, 1st Chö Monlam Prayer Festival in the West! The Monlam, the Great Prayer Festival, was originally established in 1409, in Tibet, by Lama Tsongkhapa to pray for the long life of the holy teachers of all traditions, for the survival and spreading of the Dharma in the minds of all sentient beings, and for world peace. These communal prayers, offered with strong faith and devotion, helped to overcome obstacles to peace and generate conducive conditions for everyone to live in harmony.  

As we face uncertainty and adversities, personally and globally, we are called for true refuge, practice, and community. For this occasion and for these trying times, we will gather together as one human family and unique individuals longing for peace, love, and wisdom in the world for the purpose of connecting our innately kind and compassionate human hearts in offering heartfelt prayers. The time has come!


Especially, this is an auspicious opportunity for us practitioners to honor our masters of the past and the river of blessings called “Ear-Whispered Lineage” they invested with tremendous devotion and spiritual endeavor. Dakini’s Whisper extends this heartfelt invitation for this auspicious occasion during which time Choying Khandro will offer Cho Empowerment “Opening the Sky Door,” precious and rare transmissions, and prayers. 



There are no prerequisites for attending this prayer festival. It is open to all. If you are not a member of Dakini’s Whisper, receiving this rare empowerment and the transmissions will be a lineage blessing for you as well as an opportunity to make a connection to the Chö tradition. If you are interested in becoming a member of Dakini’s Whisper, you may do so here.


There is no fixed charge for this transmission event. However, it is a traditional custom to make a Dana (donation) as an act of appreciation for the preciousness of the lineage and the kindness of the teacher. The following suggested donations as registration fees are requested for your participation in this inspiring event, which will include rare and precious teachings, empowerment, and transmissions from the Ear-Whispered Lineages.  


Chö Mastery Students: $45 - $95

All Others: $75 - $145


Registration using the form below is required for all attendees regardless of whether or not you plan to participate in the entire retreat.

NOTE: DW generously offers a sliding scale. If you are unable to pay within the range suggestion on the sliding scale, please request further financial assistance with written documentation of your need.  Members receiving this generosity will be asked to give of their energy and talents through volunteer activities that will be coordinated by the DW Volunteer Coordinator.


This event, required by all Chö Mastery Journey pilgrims, offers the Chö Empowerment and transmissions of Chö lineage practices that are required to proceed through the levels of the Chö Mastery Journey, 2021. 


Chö Mastery Journey, the new CORE LEVEL starts in conjunction with this auspicious occasion. Please apply for the Journey in advance if you are planning to newly join.


Saturday, March 13

9 – 9:30 am - Opening Session

9:30 – 10:30 am - Preliminaries

10:30 – 11:00 am - Break

11:00  – 1:00 pm - Chö Empowerment "Opening the Sky Door" (including Refuge Vows)

1:00  - 1:15 pm - Break

1:15  – 2:00 pm - “Jetsun Dampa’s Aspiration Prayer”

2:00 – 3:00 pm - Break

3:00 – 4:30 pm - Chö Practice, “Chö Whispered from the Mount of Bliss”

4:30 pm - 5 pm - Q&A and Sharing


Sunday, March 14

9  – 9:30 am - Opening Session

9:30  – 11:00 am - Transmissions – Ganden Chö and Others

11:00  – 11:30 am - Break

11:30  – 12:30 pm  - NEW Transmission - the Ear-Whispered “Tentok Chikma”

12: 30  - 1:00  pm - Break

1:00  – 2:30 pm - Chö Feast Offering “Vajrayogini Chö Tsok”

2:30 - 3:00 pm - Break

3:00 - 4:00 pm - “King of Prayers” and Other Prayers

If you have further questions and would like to request for an interview with Khandro-la, please contact Ellen (

Khandro-la's article on Chö - "Welcoming to the Charnel Ground" Buddhadharma Winter 2020

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