An Invitation to the Ear-Whispered Chö

Invitation to the Ear-Whispered Chö



We are honored and excited to present a comprehensive training program for the Lineage of Wandering Chöpas, the Machik Ḍākinī Ear-Whispered lineage (Machik Khandro Nyengyü)!


The Machik Ḍākinī Ear-Whispered lineage is a rare, secret, and uniquely integrated Tantric Chö lineage that has been uninterruptedly carried through great masters for centuries. It has been maintained as a tradition of an oral, aural, or ear-whispered lineage (Nyengyü) and kept hidden until recent years. The lineage was extremely discreet, yet spread all the way to the isolated regions of Tibet and Inner Mongolia and did not settle in any institutional framework. The lineage practices are profound and powerful as well as beautiful, melodious, and imbued with the Ḍākinīs’ blessings. The lineage was strictly orally transmitted and was on the verge of disappearing by the early 20th century.

(Please read more about the lineage on the page - "What is the Machik Ḍākinī Ear-Whispered Lineage?")


This program will systematically guide you through the practices, teachings, and retreats in the Ear-Whispered Lineage of the Mount of Bliss and Ensapa (Ganden-Ensa Nuyengyü) and Machik Ḍakini Ear-Whispered lineage over a 5-year period.


If you are new to the lineage, the program will include the lineage blessings, oral textual and musical transmissions, commentaries of the total of 11 lineage texts, as well as the formal group retreats which are required to advance the program. The specific empowerments will be given separately if required. If you are a long-term practitioner, the program will also serve as an exploration of vital and advanced subjects and meditative practices for your further deepening, unfolding, and integrating the lineage practices in your spiritual journey.


The program invites any individuals, regardless of your affiliations and levels of spiritual maturation, who have strong resonance with bringing this rare chö tradition into your spiritual journey. Step in the unbroken current of the stunning river of a Chö lineage, the Machik Ḍakini Ear-Whispered lineage, fully immerse yourself in the lineage practices for your own spiritual unfolding and commitment to others, and let the river of the blessed lineage carry you through to the ocean of awakening! 




The program aims at transmitting, exploring, and preserving the integrity of the unbroken, authentic lineage. The emphasis will be on two-fold: authenticity and integrity - completely traditional and completely modern. Our approach will be based on authentic transmission, yet not bound by the culturally colored tradition. An underlying intention of the program is to support your personal awakening through the spiritual journey of Chö and to build a strong foundation for the spiritual community of dedicated practitioners of the Ear-Whispered Lineages.



  • To guide committed practitioners to the lineage through complete transmissions, commentaries, training, consistent support in a traditional, sequential, and systematic manner. All the musical transmissions will be passed on as well as the traditional ritual protocols to maintain the authenticity of the practice.



  • To foster modern practitioners in their personal unfolding and integration of their practice by exploring the teachings and practices of the tradition in a manner that is experiential and transformative. This is done with an emphasis on personal meditation practice and direct experience.



  • To train the individuals, so that they will be able to carry out all the core lineage practices, continue to deepen their practice for further spiritual unfolding and culmination, bring the experiences from the practices to their own life and become vehicles of awakening for benefiting others. Students will serve as key members of the Ḍākinī’s Whisper community to carry the lineage and help make the lineage into an alive, dynamic, and living force.


The Inclusivity of the Program - One residential Retreat & Online Chö Retreat per year

The basic requirement of the Five-Year Program is one residential retreat ("online" retreat in 2020 due to the health crisis) and one online retreat in a group per yearas well as online participation in the residential retreat if you are not physically attending


The two tracks below offer flexibility in Chö Mastery Training, to accommodate the different circumstances of students and to thereby honor the principle of inclusiveness.


The Extended Track

Offers students greater opportunities to receive a full range of traditional transmissions, lineage blessings, to do retreats such as "the Seven-Night Wilderness Retreat", and to have more time for group practice.


1) Online Chö Retreat every year

2) One residential retreat every year (Online in 2020)

3) Live Streaming into the residential retreat if not physically attending


The Pith Track

Fulfills basic requirements of the Five-Year Chö Mastery Training but focuses on the empowerment critical to the lineage, to keep cost, time, and travel to a minimum. It is supplemented by transmissions (lung) and instructions (tri) given over the internet. We are also happy to announce our new US Pith Track offering here; please read through for more information.


1) Online Chö Retreat every year

2) Only the residential retreats necessary to receive key empowerments

3) Live Streaming into the residential retreat if not physically attending



  • The door to the program is still open to those who have a strong commitment to the lineage yet cannot physically travel to any locations at all. Choose the Pith Track and use online webcast for all the learnings and group practice.

  • All retreats are of course open for any participant in the Pith Track.


For the detailed schedule of the Five-Year Chö Mastery Training, please email us. In order to apply, you don't need to decide which track you'd like to join. 



  • ANNUAL OR SEMI-ANNUAL RESIDENTIAL GROUP RETREAT to receive transmissions, commentaries, and teachings on specific practices and related subjects and to practice together in a  group

  • ONLINE FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS after the annual group retreat(s)


  • ANNUAL SOLITARY RETREAT(S) under the guidance (i.e. day-long, 3-day weekend retreat)

  • 2 ONLINE/ONSITE INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS or instructional sessions with Khandro-la per year

  • DAILY MEDITATION AND PRACTICE of the assigned text and subject, to the best of your ability

  • ONLINE CHO PRACTICE (once you have received the transmission) (encouraged)

  • ONLINE MONTHLY DAKINI FEAST OFFERING (once you have received the transmission)

  • DAKINI DAY ONLINE / CHARNEL GROUND DIALOG - meditation & discussion with DW sangha and Khandro-la (encouraged)




  • MASTER COURSES: Course 1, 2 and 3

  • ONLINE (VIDEO OR EMAIL) SUPPORT (as requested)

  • DAKINI'S WHISPER SANGHA MEMBERSHIP (with a suggested monthly donation of $30)


Benefits of Cho Mastery Program include:

  • All the benefits in the Community Membership are included

  • Free Additional Master Courses 4: Mahamudra Shamatha

  • Free Free "The Topography of the Path" Series

  • Cho-Practicum & Hands-On

  • Free Instruction & Group Practice - Ngondro & Personal Guidance

  • Free Access to the Cho Mastery Website and Resouces

  • Free Cho Mastery Trainees Study and Practice Discussion

  • Discounts on various courses and subtle body training.

  • Further Discounts on other programs and retreats

  • Donation - the DAKINI PROGRAM

  • Personal Guidance on ANNUAL SOLITARY RETREAT(S)(i.e. day-long, 3-day weekend retreat)

  • Two Online/Onsite instructional Sessions with Khandro-la per year

  • Online Support on Master Courses via video or email as requested

  • Opportunity to join Khandro-la for a Mongolia Pilgrimage in the future

Join the Ḍākinī’s-Whisper Five-Year Chö Mastery Training in order to obtain the full benefits of a well-structured integrated approach, including group support and follow-up personal guidance. At the completion of this program, you will be able to carry out all the core lineage practices and serve as a key member of the Ḍākinī’s Whisper community to benefit the teachings and the awakening of all beings.



  • Strong commitment to freedom and awakening of oneself and others

  • Buddhist Refuge Vows

  • Bodhisattva Vows and Tantric Vows (Recommended)

  • Dakini's Whisper membership

  • Having participated in any of the classes which were offered by Chöying Khandro




The financial commitment for those in the Program is at the level of Dakini's Whisper Member ($30 per month).  Membership also entitles you to retreat discounts and free participation in ongoing online programs as mentioned above.

An annual tuition offering specifically for the Program is $350 per year, due on March 1st each year. This offering supports Program administration, online offerings, material development, and the teacher's living cost. Financial assistance is available for those in need. Students may also make Dana ("generosity") offerings to their teachers in gratitude for empowerments, transmissions, teachings, and guidance, as is customary.



To apply for the Program, please fill out the application form and submit.  You will be contacted to schedule your interview. For further questions, please contact us.

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