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Announcing the New

Five Year Cho Mastery Training

US Pith Track Program

An invitation from Dakini's Whisper:

March 4, 2019


Dear Dakini’s Whisper Friends,


As it is close to the start of the Cho Mastery Journey, we, Cho enthusiasts, face an internal stumbling block of fear of uncertainty or not knowing what’s in store ahead of us. I know this stumbling block very well, but I also know that it is all part of our Cho journey.


Nevertheless, I’d rather not see these doubts and fears prevent the blossoming of our rare and auspicious connection. I’m committed to transmitting this cycle of the Ear-Whispered Lineage which was passed down to me so generously from my teacher. The Ear-Whispered Lineage of Machik Dakini, in particular, is the heart of the Cho Mastery Program and my heart’s practice. I am so eager to kindle this light in your heart. So I hope that you will carry this practice as an act of self-completion within yourself, and share it with others in the future. However, the transmission of the Dakini Lineage can be passed down only in person in retreat in the context of Cho Mastery Training and not over the internet.


Considering our practical limitations and needs, the DW Team is happy to announce the US Pith Track, which accommodates all the necessary empowerments to complete the cycle of the Machik Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage, as well as the Ear-Whispered Lineage of the Mount of Bliss. This will take place within the US - not overseas - for the US Pith track.



  • One Dakini’s Whisper Retreat in summer, in Oregon per year (to receive the necessary empowerment and teachings) 

  • A 30-minute meeting with Choying once every other month or as needed

  • One 3-Day Online Retreat per year

  • There is no daily commitment except Refuge and Bodhicitta until the 3rd Year (after which one is required to practice a 20-minute long concise Cho practice according to the Dakini Lineage.)

  • Saturday or Sunday Cho Group Practice (to the best of your ability)

  • ONLINE Master Courses 1 – 3 (at your own pace)



  • Dakini’s Whisper Events and Courses (to the best of your ability)


To sign up for Cho Mastery Training US PITH TRACK, please contact Jens (, Program Manager, and Ryan (, US Contact. You will be informed about specific retreat dates and other announcements concerning the program.


NOTE: The Extended Track is still the same, full participation in the program, as described on the website.


Dakini Blessings,

Choying Khandro and the DW Team

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