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Dakini's Day Online

Monthly Tsok Feast Offering

Please join us online each month in a joyful and celebratory opportunity of Tsok Feast Offering to connect with our worldwide Chopa sangha

According to the Tibetan calendar, Dakini Day is considered one of two auspicious and important days each month – the 10th and 25th. As Vajrayana Chö practitioners, it is a powerful day for us to practice and make a feast offering to the gurus and dakinis. (NOTE: We will take part together in the beautiful tsok practice in conjunction with Chö once practitioners have received the transmission.) 


Although the actual Dakini Day in the Tibetan calendar changes each month, to keep a regular practice schedule Dakini Please see the calendar for the specific dates.


**The link to participate will be sent to you at least one hour before the event. Although there is no cost to participate in Dakini Day Online, donations and dana are always gratefully accepted. If not already, please also consider becoming a Dakini's Whisper member.

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