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Dakini's Whisper


An Invitation to Prayers for Times of Turmoil


King of Prayers

Shantideva's Dedication Prayer

Jetsun Dampa's Aspiration Prayer

Sunday, June 28, 2020

5-6.30pm BST

(ie 9-10.30am PST, 6-7.30pm CET)

Free and Open to All. Donations are Welcome. Registration is not required.

Join us for transmissions and practices of ancient Buddhist prayers written and prayed by the Great Masters!


Choying Khandro will lead us through these timeless prayers. Invite your family and friends to join us together for making prayers for our innate love and compassion to express itself to the world! So that we may become a lighthouse for all beings to dispel the pain and suffering of all beings. Come together to make prayers for the light of compassion to shine in this troubled world. This is also an opportunity to get to know the Dakini's Whisper community. We look forward to welcoming you!


DAKINI’S WHISPER is an international online Buddhist community dedicated to bringing the ancient wisdom of the Ear-Whispered Chö lineage and Vajrayana Buddhism in general to our modern-day lives. Dakini’s Whisper’s activities reflect our mission of nurturing awakening to our deepest dimension through authentic Buddha-dharma methods in an inclusive, accessible environment.


CHOYING KHANDRO is a humble and joyful teacher of Tibetan Buddhism who has dedicated her life to studying the authentic nature of reality. As spiritual director of online Buddhist community Dakini’s Whisper, she shares her deeply embodied approach to dharma, always encouraging students to trust their own experience and to connect to the sense of awake presence which is ever abundant. While open to everyone, many female students have been drawn to her emphasis on the importance of connecting to the feminine aspects of our divine nature.

JOIN her for this introduction to Dakinis Whisper and the lineage she holds, including the transmission and practice of the King of PrayersShantideva's Dedication Prayer, and Jetsun Dampa's Aspiration Prayer. This is a friendly doorway and powerful support for beginning a new spiritual practice or deepening your existing practice.

Here is the Zoom link: Donations to Dakini's Whisper for transmissions are welcome.

If you have questions, please contact Ellen.

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