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Friday, June 19 - Saturday, June 20, 2020

8 am – 10 am PDT

(11 am - 1 pm EDT)

(5 pm - 7 pm CEST)

(1 am - 3 am AEST - Next Day)


11:00 am - 1 pm PDT

(2 pm - 4 pm EDT)

(8 pm - 10 pm CEST)

(4 am - 6 am AEST - Next Day)

Join us on this potent journey of conscious integration of the Bodhisattva warriors’ path! 


We all are affected by this global crisis on many levels. This Subtle Body Training practice explores the five elements and five energy-centers from the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. We practitioners on the path to freedom and awakening take responsibility to face this challenge to go deeply into the practice that the yogic tradition offers. The subtle body system provides us with the tool to integrate the energy- centers and energy winds into our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


The commitment to this retreat entails a dedication to our multidimensional wellbeing and benevolent service to all beings. This retreat intends to replenish, nurture, and enrich our life and spiritual path so that we are fully present and responsive. As aspiring Bodhisattva warriors, this time of self-imposed isolation amid crisis calls us to respond with courage and resilience.


This retreat will also serve as the complementary training to a one-year DAKINI JOURNEY – An Immense and Benevolent Presence to the World and CHO MASTERY JOURNEY - A Comprehensive Chö Training Journey.


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- Mahamudra View, Meditation & Conduct

- The Five-Element System in Tantra or Vajrayana

- The Five-Energy Center System - Untying the knots around the energy-centers

- The Five-Energy-Wind System - Balancing the five types of lung in our body

- Tibetan Tsa-Lung Practice and Breath Exercise - Preparing for the deeper meditation which involves some completion phase practice

- Heart-Oriented Meditation - Untying the blockage around the heart center

- Subtle Body Yoga - Modern version of traditional Tibetan yoga combined with the modern knowledge of biomechanics and others

- Restorative Subtle Body Poses - Emphasis of renewal, replenishment, and returning home to the present moment with relaxation

- Dialog, Reflection, and Integration


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DW Dakini Members - Free (one per year) 

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Other Members - $75 - $95

Non-DW Members $95 - $125


The range of fees for registration reflects Dakini’s Whisper’s intention for all to have access to the teachings and practice. For those of you who are more fortunate, we appreciate your consideration of the higher range of donations to support scholarships.


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