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Invitation to Subtle Body Training Starting July 5th

Invitation to Subtle Body Training Starting July 5th

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Dakinis Subtle Body Training (DSBT) is a transformative spiritual journey that weaves together subtle body-oriented practice techniques and advanced Vajrayana tantric theory with meditation and pranayama practices. It is designed to assist spiritual practitioners, and people living in modernity in integrating spiritual psychology into a skillful practice for balancing the body, heart, mind, and awareness.


This integrative approach employs skillful and evidence-based methods for moving toward wholeness on many levels - psychological, physical, spiritual, and interpersonal. Its exercises and meditations influence our entire body, from the outer physical to the most subtle and profound energy levels. Through these practices, we come to rediscover our personal authenticity, that is, who and what we truly are.

Step into the rich world of Tantric Buddhist practices, fully embodying, in an accessible and benign way, a sublime awakened body, speech, and mind.  Bring your Tantric practice into daily life through awakened expression. The 5-Week series and 3-day workshops make available a unique and evolutionary home study experience, potentially resulting in genuine transformation.


Whether you’re just embarking on the path of Buddhist Tantric practice or yoga, or have been studying and teaching for years, we invite you to take the next steps in your Heroine’s Journey with Dakinis Subtle Body Training.

Not yet a member but would like to be? Please click here to complete that process prior to class registration.

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