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Realize With Us

In the path of Vajrayana Buddhism and of Chö, the aim of all of our study and practice is the deep, experiential realization of our own true nature. With that said, we are all already who we truly are and are already unfolding this true nature for the benefit of all beings. This is an unfolding that takes place in each of our individual lives, but we also delight in the opportunity to unfold it together as a community.

By becoming a member of Dakini's Whisper, you can pledge your support to this continued unfolding, expressed through the dynamic, heartfelt, and accessible teachings of our spiritual director, Chöying Khandro. Within this larger mandala of our community and of membership, there may also be some who wish to commit to a traditional Vajrayana training path and to become vessels for carrying our lineage stream into the world.


That is the purpose of our Chö Mastery Journey, a five-level course of study and practice that will lead participants through all the profound stages of the Vajrayana path from beginning to end. It is said to be rare to encounter even a four-line verse of the dharma, much less the empowerments, transmissions, and instructions that initiate one into the path of tantra and make one a vessel for manifesting the enlightened qualities of the Buddhas and Dakinis. 

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