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carla pretorius
Oct 22, 2023
In Meeting the Dakini!
Dance dakinis, dance! Boundless as the cosmos residing within my soul. The flaming tongues of awareness, licking at shadows in the dark corners of my mind. Illuminated by the single-pointed vastness- You reveal to my awareness, oh Vajrayogini! Because the longer the flame, the shorter the shadow. And the discrepancies of the mind and the soul, in their yearning for freedom, lays me down in the charnel grounds which you dance upon. Surrendering to the freedom of emptiness, guided by the Dharma, I bow at your feet. I invoke You, Vajrayogini, and yet there is no need because you are already here, as there is nowhere else. Only this vast singularity my mind still tries to comprehend. As you slowly dance it into hypnosis of experience direct. The coiled serpents have been aroused, the torch has been lit. Here we dance in the moonlight; here we journey through the long night. For the unmanifested resides in the void, seemingly empty is that which holds all. Invoke, INVOKE the Divine Mother, Prajnaparamita, encompassing all. Dear children, brothers and sisters Taste your tears and stack your spines because the time has come for the prophecies to be fulfilled, for the rivers to run full, and for us to return to the ocean of awareness and beyond.

carla pretorius

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