Five-Week Tibetan Yoga Series

Subtle Body - Wisdom Body - Training

5 Thursdays, March 15 - April 12, 2018, 11 am -  12:15 pm (PST)



"You carry all the ingredients
To turn your existence into joy,
Mix them, mix them!"

                               - Hafiz


Please join Chöying, a certified instructor of Wisdom Body Training, for a Five-Week Series of fun and profound Tibetan yoga from the subtle body practice tradition. Tibetan Subtle Body Training is a powerful and profound tool to help us realize the true nature of mind and our world and to awaken into the beauty and perfection of who we are so we can live with joy and compassion.


Originates in Tibetan Advanced Practice


It originates from the ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices done by advanced practitioners during intensive retreats. It has more than a 1000-year history.

Yogic Exercises for Modern Life


Considering its tremendous benefits and applicability to our modern life, this modified version is presented as a set of yogic exercises that brings meditation and movement together. It has been used for centuries to


  • dissolve anxiety and stress

  • support physical, mental, and emotional well-being, health, and vibrancy

  • enhance natural confidence, fearlessness, and strength from within 

  • develop attention and mindfulness, clarity

  • bring vitality, energy, mental flexibility, and relaxation 

  • help meditation to become deeper and more profound

  • ultimately guide you to an authentic deep spiritual transformation


It is done in standing positions, so needs no mats or much space around you, and can be either vigorous or gentle, depending on the needs of your body.


Integral Part of the Chö Training


Subtle Body Training is an important integral part of our Chö training which involves the entirety of human experiences. It is designed to un-tie the knots in our energy system and open the energy flows of the body.  These exercises influence our entire body from the physical to the most subtle and profound energy levels. 


The Five-Week Tibetan Yoga Series offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the dimensions of the body-mind and embodied awareness.


  • OPEN TO ALL (Accessible for all levels of physical ability and fitness) 

  • Includes body-based and subtle body meditations as well as physical exercise

  • The fee is $75 for members $150 for non-members (Go here for membership.)  (Some scholarships and work-trade are available.)

  • For registration, please use the form below. You will receive an invitation email with the link to the video call.

Blissful Temple of My Own Body


“Here in this body are the sacred rivers: here are the sun and the moon as well as all the pilgrimage places… I have not entered another temple as blissful as my own body.”

Saraha, 10th cent.


How can I enter the blissful temple of my own body? How can I fully experience my body as if it’s the entirety of the universe? Does such an achievement apply only to ancient yogis and not to us in modern life?


Ancient traditions suggest that awakening or enlightenment is found in the body and nowhere else. Over a thousand years ago in Tibet, the technology of the Subtle Body Training was developed by advanced yogis to awaken into the beauty and perfection of who they already had been.


It’s hard to even imagine that this awareness could become our experience especially when I consider my relationship to my own body in the midst of a stressful life. However, amazingly enough, I’ve found a set of yogic exercises which are an extension of these ancient techniques that are very beneficial and adapted to modern times and allow us to experience our own blissful temple. Undeniably, these exercises were designed to untie the knots in our energy system and open the energy channels of the body. These exercises engage our entire body from the physical to the most subtle and profound energy levels. In this way, I can enter into the blissful temple of my own body without undertaking a pilgrimage to the sacred places of the external world.