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Practice With Us 

Dakini's Whisper is an international community of Chöpas, spiritual practitioners whose vow is to bring difficult circumstances onto the path to awakening. We each uphold this path in our own way, and some of us have taken Vajrayana Buddhist vows while others have not. All the same, we share the same intention and the same heart of realizing our deepest nature for the benefit of all beings. 


The masters of our lineage left their monastic communities to become wandering Chöpas, and as such we have no fixed physical practice location. But when we can, we gather together to practice in our shared virtual gompa, or shrine room, maintaining a strong connection to our traditions while remaining outside the framework of any institution. Most of our activities are completely open to the public, and we invite you to join our close-knit group.

The best way to start is just to leap on in. Some kind of spark brought you here, and we encourage you to explore what that is. Join in our weekly Chö practice or participate in regular Dakinis Subtle Body Training classes. Keep an eye out for special teachings, transmissions, and workshops. Click here for a full catalog of our ongoing and upcoming practice offerings.


ONLINE Inspiring Virtual Master Courses that Serve as a Compendium for Chö and Vajrayana Practitioners - Please enter from here


Become an Immense and Benevolent Ambassador to the World in Response to COVID-19 and Beyond - In-Depth Practice of Five Elements & Dakinis. For more information - please go here.


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