Upcoming Monthly Online Retreat Gathering of Cho Mastery Students

Sunday, June 14, 11 am - 1 pm PDT

  • How to set up a daily practice

  • How to set up a shrine including offering bowls and Tsok

  • How to use the resources that are available to Cho Mastery Students

  • Some practice tips



Level 1 - Entering the River of Blessing - the Mount of Bliss and Five Dakinis

  • In general Level 1 entails all students who have received the Common Chö Empowerment and Five Dakinis’ Retreat Manual and entered the journey. 


  • However, Level 1 also includes those who haven’t received Chö Empowerment but entered the journey. They will have an opportunity to receive Cho empowerment in the future while following the curriculum of Level 1 as much as possible.


EMPOWERMENT: Common Chö Empowerment

MAIN TEXTS: Chö Whispered From The Mount Of Bliss & Five-Dakini Retreat Manual


FOCUS: Foundations

  • Opportunity to participate in DW annual retreat - Vajrayogini Chö Feast retreat in July 2020 

Level 2 - Celebrating the Sacred - Cho Feast of Queen of Dakinis

  • Level 2 entails those who have completed Five-Dakini accumulations

  • Level 2 starts with DW annual retreat - Vajrayogini Chö Feast retreat in July 2020 

(Transmission and commentary will be offered during the retreat)


TRANSMISSION: Vajrayogini Chö Feast

MAIN TEXT: Vajrayogini Chö Feast

MASTER COURSE: All the Existing MCs

FOCUS: Tantra Basics

Level 3 - Union of Bliss and Emptiness - Path to Highest Yoga Tantra

  • Level 3 entails those who have gone through both in Level 1 and 2


  • Level 3 starts with the empowerment of Vajrayogini.


  • Empowerment, Transmission, and commentary will be offered during the retreat 

(Both Level 1, 2, and 3 are welcome to attend this annual retreat as well as the students who are not on Cho Mastery Journey with some prerequisites.)

EMPOWERMENT: Vajrayogini Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerment

MAIN TEXTS: Long and Short Vajrayogini Sadhana

Single Sitting (Cho Tentok Chikma)

MASTER COURSES: All the Existing MCs

FOCUS: Generation Stage


Level 4 - Diving into the Secret Stream of the Dakini - Dakini Ear-Whispered Lineage

  • Level 4 entails those who have completed all Level 1, 2 & 3


  • Level 4 starts with the uncommon Chö Empowerment 


  • Seven-Night Cho retreat with various transmissions & permission initiations


EMPOWERMENT: Uncommon Cho Empowerment & Various Transmission and Permission Initiations

MAIN TEXTS: Profound Path of Peace (Shiwa Lamsab)  & Pervading Space (Khakyabma)

RETREAT: Seven-Night Retreat

MASTER COURSES: All the Existing MCs

FOCUS: Completion Stage


Level 5 - Embodying Troma Nakmo and Returning Home - Troma Nakmo and Retreat

  • Level 5 focuses on Troma Nakmo practice according to the secret Ear-whispered Lineage of Dakini


EMPOWERMENT: Troma Nakmo Empowerment

MAIN TEXT: Troma Nakmo Five Dakini Retreat Manual

MASTER COURSES: All the Existing MCs

FOCUS: Retreat


Post Cho Mastery Journey

  • The 108 Spring Wandering Retreat in the wilds is an optional Post Cho Mastery Journey practice

  •  Students who have completed all Levels are eligible to do this Retreat.

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