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Celebrate the Sweetness That Is Who You Are

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

A Valentine’s Day Subtle Body Movement Sweet Heart Gathering

Sunday, February 13th

1 – 2:30 pm, PST

Registration Is Required

Donations Appreciated

Hosted by: Khandro-la and DW Team

Put on Dakini’s Dress (or Undress)!

Bring Your Partner and Friend!

Come and celebrate with creative, funky, sassy Dakini’s movements, the sweetness, bliss and love that is the core of your being! Khandro-la is inviting you, your partner and your friend to enjoy this special and sweetest of days together. There will be lots of dancing, singing, laughing, loving-caring, maybe, a bit of crying and resting!

In the midst of feeling anxiety about ever-changing circumstances and an unpredictable future, what can we still celebrate? Join us to see the beauty, joy and sacredness of who we are and the world around us! This will also be a great introduction to our upcoming 5-week SBT Dakini Series III, “Sky Dancers in the Charnel Ground,” (starting on February 19).

Registration is required by Saturday, February 12th at 12 noon, PST. While there is no Registration Fee, donations to DW are appreciated. Please go here to register and make a donation. We are kindly asking you to keep your video on during the session.

Look forward to seeing and dancing with you!

KL and Dakini’s Whisper Team


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