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Whatever Arises Dependently Is Empty

The Fourth of July

10:00 am – 11:15 am, PST


Whatever arises dependently

Is explained as empty. Thus dependent attribution Is the middle way.

Since there is nothing whatever That is not dependently existent, For that reason there is nothing

Whatsoever that is not empty

- Nagarjuna

Join us for Interdependence Tibetan Yoga Training to honor and celebrate the interdependent nature of everything - our lives, self, and others, internal and external worlds and ecologies, and humans and non-humans in a macrocosm level as well as body and mind on a microcosm level.

Many of the difficulties we are currently facing have been rooted in the lack of this appreciation and loss of deep relationships among them. Through intimately connecting to our subtle body, see if we come to deep recognition and experiential understanding of how intimately we all are connected in the many levels. At the same time, we and all things are empty of any solidified entity. The cultivation of this deep awareness brings us to the appreciation of every phenomenon that is the foundation or source of equality and preciousness in every being. This is the time to restore and rebuild our relationship to all phenomena that have been ignored.

All are welcome on this journey to return to our true of interdependence! If you are a DW member, you will receive the zoom link automatically. No need to register. Donations are welcome. If you are not a DW member, please email Ellen at with suggested donation of $20.


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