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Subtle Body Training Intensive - Theory and Practice

Friday - Sunday, January 24 - 26, 2020 (Pacific Time)

Are you a beginning student aspiring to explore your body and mind? Or a dedicated Dharma practitioner desiring to deepen your practice? Or an experienced teacher who is ready to bring an integrative approach to your community? I welcome all of you to join our journey of a Weekend Subtle Body Training Intensive, which comprises the theory and practice!

Dakini's Subtle Body Training is the heartfelt synthesis of Khandro-la's four decades of the spiritual journey. It weaves together dharma, yoga therapy, tantra, Tibetan Trulkor, Vajrayana practice, Cho, and the feminine embodiment as well as modern knowledge of psycho-physical disciplines.

Fully rooted in the ancient Tantric tradition, each session delves into; connecting with the inner experience of emotional and psychological imprints, the physical sensations of the body and subtle body alchemical spiritual transformation.

Our approach is to support both spiritual practitioners and people living in modernity, in general, to integrate spiritual psychology and advanced Vajrayana into a skillful practice for balancing body, heart, mind, and awareness.

Join us for this exploratory pilgrimage into infinite possibility which resides in each of us!

For more information and registration, please go here.


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