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THE BASIC, THE PROFOUND-What is the Essence of Dharma Practice? What are Essential Dharma Practices?


Sunday, July 17, 12 noon – 1 pm, PST


The Zoom link -

(Artwork by Rima Fujita)

In this last DW Public Sunday offering of the summer, Khandro-la will invite us to deeply connect to our essential Dharma practices that lead to genuine realization, freedom and awakening. There are so many Dharma practices available in the modern West and Western students often get overwhelmed by or confused about which practice they should be doing, lacking a clear understanding of the practices. In order to progress on the genuine spiritual journey, it is crucial for us as spiritual practitioners to know precisely - what we are practicing and what our practice is leading to.

We’ll conclude this session with the transmission and practice of our blessed lineage practice, Jetsun Dampa’s Aspiration Prayer. All are welcome!

As part of this online community receiving such precious teachings, DW does require that attendees participate with their video on and a name identifying them on Zoom, or we will ask you to exit the meeting. Thank you.

While there is no registration fee, your donations are welcome as an expression of gratitude and appreciation for the preciousness of the lineage and the kindness of the teacher. For more details and to offer donations, visit our website.

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